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Personal Message

Hello there. I've been writing stories for a few years, but I still consider myself as a newbie here. I'm a person who is lazy af, so I might now be updating continuously like other authors. Instead, I update when I feel like it, or when I feel guilty for making my subscribers wait too long.


I don't really have anything to do at home, unless I have to go and do my part-time job. So, I actually have all day to update my stories. However, tbh, I only watch YouTube videos at home for hours. And when I finally feel like updating, it's already around 10pm and I have to sleep.

So, subscribe to me if you want.

I have cookies.

Burnt ones.

But then again, I'm saving em for Daehyun.


About Me

My friends [slash] classmates describe me and a quiet, lazy girl who doesn't really care about what goes on with anyone. It's sometimes true.


But my close best friends know me as the sarcastic, funny, loud bitch who f***ing lazy. Pardon the B word. My friends and I are usually vulgar to each other. You're lucky I didn't type the full F word. Don't judge tho. I'm a nice person if you're nice to me. Srsly. I'm nice.


I was born on November 5th. I won't say which year though. I feel like I'm old tbh.

He knows what he is doing to us ♥

I'm a huge fans of the following groups;

Best Absolute Perfect - Oh gawd, they're ғυϲƙing perf. Oops. I said a bad word. sry not sry.


Girls Generation - ugh pls. seohyun my bby so fkin perf. oh gawd help me.


Exo - dis grp just gives me so many feels okai. i just cant animore. ugh. pls i cant.


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