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[UPDATED; 19th June, 2014]

I won't say any specific details about myself. But, I'll give out a few of them.

It's been six years since I've been introduced to KoreanPop and Culture. I won't say I'm a big fan of it because for the past few months, I wasn't really active in Kpop unlike last time. So, if I seem outdated, my apologies. I was introduced by my best friend when I was in middle school, and my very first bias was 2PM's Nichkhun.

Currently, I'm into EXO, Girls Generation, 2NE1. As for American singers: 5 Seconds Of Summer, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys. 

Biases for each?

EXO - Park Chanyeol 

Girls Generation - Seo Joohyun/Kim Taeyeon

2NE1 - The Park Sisters

Paramore - Hayley Williams

5 Seconds of Summer - Calum Hood

As for Arctic Monkeys, it's reaaaaally hard for me to choose a bias because they're all good-stuff.


About Me


Alot has changed since I've visited Asianfanfic. I don't know if my writing skills has improved or became much much worse. And I don't really know if I'm gonna continue writing my current stories, or just deleting them and writing new ones. As for my personal life, alot has changed too. I've became friends in school with the best people, but I've lost some of them through the process. That's life, anyway.