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“sorry for delays in storys~ Life Caught up with me and been busy! new chappies up soon (hopefully)”



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My Portfolio Site

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About Me

Name: Courtney
Nickname: Kai
Age: 23

Hiya, The Names Kai… or Courtney which ever you prefer!  Im an avid Gamer and Otaku… though to a lesser degree of some people i know… hehe. I love Japan, and Every thing about it, the culture, the language, the people… the boys XD

I’m Also a big fan of Japanese music! I love JPop, and Visual-Kei the most… odd mixture i know.

I also love JDrama & KDrama :D Seto Koji ♥

I love to Write Storys, Weather they be, Fanfictions, or Original Works. Oh and i dont take to flames very well… so its best to leave Contructive critism if you have a problem with my storys or say nothing at all. Genral nice comments are always appriciated.

I Also Love Ball Jointed Dolls. I own 7, and im always sewing and knitting clothes for them :) im rather creative i like to think *giggles*
For those of you who have know idea what BJD’s Are… Please Have a look at the Wiki Page…or Google them!

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