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About Me

about me

heyo. i've been rping for a vast majority of my teen life since 2012 lmao.  i'm a weeb with a taste for underground khiphop and random chill music. hmu?

- i usually rp as JEong hyang now
- my favorite color is purple
- i use lmao and jk too much
- ooc i go by lin
- my favorite song right now is nuna; owol
- more to come when im not lazy

i only rp as: ig models jeong hyang, josie, kyung hyun, lee siah or whoever is needed to complete any group


i've been rping since roughly around 2012 so it's been a good while now. here are the standards i put out if you guys want to advertise:

- can't be strictly
- nor can it be strictly literate
- i prefer crack rps BUT IM FLEXIBLE AF
- all ualities or straight is okay i guess
- only fbrps/ i'm willing to try mewe
- either newly opening or extremely active
- at least one of my characters above has to be free
- if you read this include faded in your ad!

rps listed below are as far as i can remember.

1     title: shoelace
       platform: fb
       character: iu

2     title: insomnia
       platform: fb
       character: iu

3     title: sunrise
       platform: fb
       character: iu/soobin

4     title: bubblegum
       platform: fb
       character: lee sungkyung

5     title: butterfly
       platform: fb
       character: lily maymac

6      title: refresh
        platform: fb
        character: soobin, soojin, siah


7      title: cheese&wine
        platform: fb
        character: siah, wonpil


8      title: noir
        platform: fb
        character: hyang


9      TiTle: timeless
        platform: fb
        CharactEr: hyang


10    TiTle: serendipity
        platform: fb
        CharactEr: hyun, josie


11      TiTle: ikigai
        platform: fb
        CharactEr: josie


this liquor's

got me faded,

talkin' crazy.