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Ayee [: I’m xoAeshAxo~ Dedicated fan & lover of kpop. I’m also a writer, not just in AFF but in general. I Love & Enjoy music and writing. To me they go hand in hand~ Music+Writing= This Azn Gurl <33 ^^


Bands + Biases??

*** = Ultimate Favorite Group

** = Favorite of the Moment 

* = In general/Can’t decide on bias; loves all equally [:

Colors= Bias [Within *** & ** group]

[ NOTE: I love ALL the members in these groups, but my biases are the first ones who pop into my mind & my ideals~]

Ultimate Biases






{Yet to add}

~Male Groups

***B.A.P: Bang Yongguk + Zelo + Jongup + Daehyun + Youngjae + Himchan

2PM: Nichkhun + Wooyoung + Junho + Chansung

B1A4: Jinyoung + Baro + Sandeul + Gongchan

B2ST: Junhyung + Yoseob + Hyunseung

Bangtan Boys [BTS]: Jungkook + Jimin + V

*Big Bang

Block B: Zico + Kyung + U-Kwon + B-Bomb + Jaehyo

Boyfriend: Minwoo + Kwangmin + Youngmin

BTOB: Peniel

Dalmatian: Inati + Day Day + Dari + Daniel + Youngwon

DBSK: Changmin + Junsu

Double A: Aoora + Juwon + Kimchi + Hoik


Infinite: Sungyeol + L + Woohyun + Dongwoo + Hoya


MYNAME: Seyong + JunQ


NU’EST: JR Aron + Baekho + Ren + Minhyun 

SHINee: Jonghyun

Co-Ed School/SPEED: Sungmin

Super Junior: Eunhyuk + Kyuhyun + Leeteuk + Sungmin + Ryewook + Yesung + Siwon + Donghae

Teen Top: Ricky + Changjo + L.Joe + Niel + Chunji

U-Kiss: Eli + Kevin + Dongho + Kiseop {Alexander & Kibum}


~Solo Artists

Jay Park



Son Dambi

Brian Joo

Lee Hyori

Jang Woohyuk






~Female Groups

[I don’t listen to girl groups much. I’m really that not into the cutesy girly y concept they keep going for.]





Girls’ Generation/SNSD

GP. Basic





My Distant Bestie Stephanie! <33

Worxixnee/FriedChickie  was my very first friend and subscriber on this site. I absolutely love her !! She is an amazing person and friend . Her fanfics are awesome !! She is someone  I can talk to if i'm having a bad day or just feeling down . She always cheers me up. Even tho we live like states away , she is a raw person  !!

ILOVEYOU Gurlie ~~~<33 ^_^

About Me


**Brief Bio

I’mma LiL AZN  with BIG Dreams ^^

I’mma beasty dancer still learning (:*

I’mma creative choreographer [=*

I’m an improving singer/rapper [:

I Dream~

I Motivate~

I Inspire~

I Create~

I Dance*

~I'd like to inspire & motivate others to do the same~

Dedicated Worker*

Passionate Person* {:

ASIAN* (And PROUD! AZN Pride SON! Chink Fo’ Life <33) ^_^

[Laos*, Thai*, Viet*, & Chinese]

_Yellow is the new black ^^ JK

[Haha I'm not even yellow. I'm honey beige n_n lol... What?!]

I only speak Lao tho (:

Fun.. (Ha I try :P)

Obnoxious.. (YUNNO IT!)

Slow-Minded… (Haha FO SHO XP)

4-D.. (… yess >.>)

Fiesty.. (ABSOLUTELY!)

Short-ish.. (Unfortunately... :[ 5'3..)

Crazy.. (Oh YeAh!)



Typical AZN.. (Mhmm ^^)

{Haha I really can’t help my personality}

Uhhh... One word to describe me? Hmm..

**UNIQUE/DiFFeRent. I'm definitely One-of-a-Kind. And I'm okay with that ^^ Being unique or different is what separates you from everyone else (:


So hopefully I stand out from other Asian gurls you know ;)








[Haha I loves these guys <33 ]