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Hey it's EH~

So yeah, I'm a writter...

you can also find me on tumblr @ with-seventeen-imagines.tumblr.com

Please do enjoy~ 



Some of my stories I do not update as frequently compared to others. My appologies, if the story you are subscribed to is not one of my main works... :(

For those of you interested; my main stories are:

- Shoot Anonymous

- Deadliest Sin

- Red-Letter

- With Seventeen

- Within & Without

- Soul

- Relations With The Devil



Subscribe for more, and kind comments are always welcome :)

*all story covers/edits are done by me unless stated otherwise*


Writing is one of my favourite pastimes, 
My apologies for the occasional long breaks between update... O.o I try to update as quickly as I can. 

About Me

* m u l t i  -  f a n d o m *
iKON, Seventeen, DAY6, GOT7, Monsta X, Pentagon, Winner(ot5), Bangtan, Madtown, Infinite, Jay Park, 1llionaire, UNIQ, Big Bang, EXO(ot12), B.A.P, Block B, ect.

music is my passion, dream, and life. 
"From the bottom to being a CHAMPION" 

* Allstar Cheerleader *

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고맙습니다 ~ <3