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Yo waddup! It's been awhile since I've updated this section. Anyways, I'm just a normal taco floating around here in AFF looking for haha #OOPPSS. I AM A BTS TRASH. I live for those idiots. My ultimate bias in that group is Min Yoongi but Taehyung and Hoseok are currently ruining my bias list. I love to make layouts and design posters. Due to my very busy schedule irl, i do not make layouts and posters anymore but I have time to spare for making ty one-shots and probably in the future, I'll be making angsty and fluffy af stories. That's it. Check out my instagram; @heymarjie and lets be friends and fangirl about BTS. I'm really really friendly so please do talk to me, we can discuss anything under the sun. Please do check-out my story and visit my Layout shop. That would be all! Stay lovely~ : )