Should I delete my fics?

  • Yes, they're boring
  • No, I want to read them and update soon!!
  • What the f*ck is wrong with you?!!
  • Why did you even started writing them?!!

About Me


Hi there! This is Lina ^^

I don't have much to say about me. I'm just half a mini Gollum, half an unicorn :D yeah, I'm a weird person but I'm nice so feel free to talk to me! ^^ 

I love A Pink and Mamamoo too (─‿‿─) However, my favourite band ever is DB5K *-* I love all their songs too and their MVs, and their performances... EVERYTHING!! *drools* 

I also enjoy drawing. Here are my latest drawings if you want to see them

I'm still learning so I hope to improve in the future ^^