What about Yifan?

  • Should get a happy ending with Junmyeon, but he has to suffer.
  • Should not get a happy ending wan have to suffer seeing Junmyeon happy.
  • Or die (JK)

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Read my about me to see if we have anything in common!

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About Me

Hello, I’m Laura, but you can all me Lala!​​​ 

I have been on AFF since the July of 2012 (I was 14), and I got here through an old website called Winglin, and that has been the best thing to ever happen to me, lol. I’ve been in the KPOP/K-Drama/Asian world since the spring/summer of 2011 (I was 13), well, I’ve always been into anime and manga, but I got more into Asian culture more after I got into dramas. I first found dramas, and then I found KPOP. My first ever drama was Boys Before Flowers still haven't finished it and my first ever KPOP group I heard of was Super Junior. And now I am 20, and do not have any plans to fully leave this site or the KPOP/Drama world. I know I will slowly stop reading/writing fanfiction, listening to KPOP, and watching dramas, but these things will always have a special place in my heart because this is what I spent my teenage years doing.  ​​​ 

I’ve been and left many fandoms, but after six years I have finally stuck to a few groups and a solo artist that I love so much. I’m madly in love with BIGBANG, CL, B.A.P, GOT7 and Red Velvet. I’m a proud V.I.P, GZB, BABY, IGOT7 and ReVeluv. My bias from each group are are G-Dragon (BIGBANG), CL (she is my queen!), Jongup (B.A.P), Yugyeom (GOT7) and Joy (Red Velvet). I love 2NE1 still and support them all, but I love CL most of the four, so yeah, I’m a GZB; and since 2NE1 is no more, I don’t label myself as a Blackjack anymore. ​​​ 

However, there are many, many, many, many other groups/artists I like, so here are some and the ones in (parentheses) are my bias (yes, I still have a bais in these groups, well some): Jay Park, EXO (Suho), BTS (Jimin), Girls’ Generation (Taeyeon), Super Junior (IDK anymore, lol), Infinite (Hoya?), Block B, SHINee, f(x), Sistar, BTOB DBSK/TVXQ , JYJ, Teen Top, VIXX (Leo), BTOB (Peniel), Monsta X (I.M), Seventeen (Seungkwan), TWICE (Dahyun), EXID, DΞΔN, KNK, NCT (U/127/DREAM) (Mark), LABOUM, OH MY GIRL, and more, much more!

I’m more of a causal fan of those groups, like, I’m not heavily involved in those fandoms—well I’m pretty heavily involved in their fanfic fandom because they are good, lol, and if I know all of the members in the group too—but I still enjoy their music. Also, I’m YG Family bias, so I love all of the YG artist.​​​ 

I write/read whatever I want. I pretty much write/read anything: het, , yuri, , mpreg, romance, fluff, angst, and much more. Also, if I know the members of a group, I will read or write for that group despite not being in the fandom.​​​ 

I don’t ship anybody in BIGBANG together; I’m more of a SkyDragon shipper (GDxCL), but will read some GDYB or GRI every once in a while. In B.A.P my ultimate OTP is HimUp, but I love BangLo, and DaeJae too (I ship Jongup with all the B.A.P members #topdaddyjongupalltheway). In GOT7 it’s MarkGyeom, and I ship Yugyeom with the rest of the GOT7 members too (#sassytopyugyeomalltheway), and I love JJProject (mom and dad) too.​​​ 

Here are a more OTPs I like: EXO: KrisHo, TaoHun (#toptaolover #ingfightme), ChanKai and a few more; BTS: JiKook, MinJoon, all the Jimin pairings (#topjiminlover #ingfightme) and a few more; there are so much more, but these are the ones I read/write the most of; I’m open to ships. If you read my stories, I like to add ships I like, so you’ll see what else I like! ​​​ 

This is not an OTP, but I love to read OC stories with EXO. So, EXOxOC is an “OTP” of mine as well.​​​ 

Also, I just don’t post here on AFF; I post on AO3 too.​​​ 

That’s about it! Feel free to speak to me, I don’t bite!​​​ 

Have a nice morning/day/evening/night!​​​