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Hello there!
It's Miyu.
I'm not good at anything. But I do a little of everything. So I draw (badly), I edit videos (badly) and I write (badly).
It's funny because my dream when I was little was to become a writer hahahah
I hope I become good at it someday!
If you are a brazilian portuguese speaker, you can actually find my fanfics in portuguese at Spirit ff ou Nyah ff under the same username (miyushu).
YES THIS IS IMPORTANT, English is not my first language so don't get angry at my grammar mistakes, I try my best ~
You can follow me on twitter too! @miyushu_ for u!
I'm saying sorry already because I know I can take a while to upload. It takes me time to write new chapters and after that I have to translate it to english so please don't hate me
Bye bye