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What should I base my new yuri fanfic on?

  • A yuri manhwa’s plot
  • One that I’ll make up

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Hello I'm tired


Chaera and Taeny and Moonsun are my OTPs


I sometimes write a lot or take months to update something


I finally found a new group that I can finally find myself to stan and that's... [insert drumroll] MAMAMAMAMAMAMOOOOOO (yeah that was probably cringey af but [email protected]*@;#*2*#^@[email protected]#;


I have so many extracurricular activities that I need to hibernate for a few years (with gaming devices and power outlets that work and a bathroom and a kitchen and an unlimited supply of food; oh how about a luxurious one floor house underground)


I love reading yuri manhwa (don't mind me heh im just the usual creep sitting in the corner) Just kidding but I can recommend a few--