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I ship HunHan like forever...I don't write fanfics, I just enjoy the fanfics lol






SORRY if I don't reply to what you guys wrote on my wall

THANK YOU & YOU'RE WELCOME in advance from me then ^^

Hunhan fanfics authors are amazing, wonderful, beautiful and precious person in the world!!!

Thanks for showering me with my hunhan needs lol <3

(and oh please excuse the english/grammatical errors in my comments ;p english is not my mother tongue)


Amazing EXO Fanfics (LOL)

   The pairings that i read is Hunhan(most of the time lol), Chansoo(my fav after hunhan), Baekyeol, Kaisoo, Krisyeol. I don't ship Lulu or Sehun with anyone else (it hurts me when one of them were pair with other members, i'm a hardcore Hunhan shipper?), but I do read fanfics of kailu, sekai, xiuhan, krishan, layhan etc. if the story is good/interesting to me. Strangely, Kyungsoo seems to work fine with anyone in Exo but my most fav pairing is Chansoo ^^. Idk it's like in every Chansoo fanfics they seem so real (or maybe those who write Chansoo fics are good writers lol). So this is my favorite/personal preference of EXO fanfics (if you find it boring after reading few chapters, please don't give up and just read all the chapters lol. it's worth it. If it's not, well maybe next time) :