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My heart goes out to all those original AFF writers out there who come up with good storylines and plots. I especially like gore so I especially appreciate those fics aswell.

These two groups are DEFINATELY competing for my ulitmate bias spot. It all depends on whose comback I like better. Miss A used to be up a notch, but their "I don't need a man" put them down on an equal level of EvoL. So whoever has the better comeback will be my new favorite.


About Me

Hey I'm Sam, Sam I am. I don't come on here to read.. (excluding the apply fics my characters are in). Sorry but I haven't been in a reading mood the last few months. (plus 95% of the stories on this site are bullsh*t love stories. Same plot, different characters)

I like to create characters that are different. (Not an ice princess, or bubbly whatever). I always put a lot of hard work and thought into my characters to try and make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. I hate sob stories and will avoid them at all cost (though sadly, I had to do one just to explain why my character has Dissociative Identity Disorder)

But anyways. It upsets me when the authors of these stories say that they want UNIQUE characters. But when I give them a UNIQUE character, they don't use them. They always use the same personalities every time. Ugh. 

Why doesn't anyone have any class on this site? There's no originality anymore. It's just full of the same love stories. Same plot but different characters. I can't stand it anymore. So I tried my best to help change that. I wrote a few of my own stories, though they weren't very popular. I guess you AFFers actually like those fluffy love stories.