How are you going to spend your summer?

  • Travel!
  • Suffer from camp/ classes/ community service
  • Nothing really.... Netflix and chill...?
  • ^Not these (OTHER PLEASE)

Personal Message

If any of my FF sounds similar to another, it is pure coincidence!!!!!!!! If you come accross my profile, you should go vote in the polls I have!

Thank you!!!  ^--^

About Me

I'm a troubled high schooler who hates being popular. I have a lot of friends that are girls, but only hang out with a select few. I do have guys friends, but i'm super arkward around guys so.... I'm a failure *silently cries* My friends tell me to enjoy my highschool life, but I can't help but wonder 'How?' I've fallen into the K pop pot hole a few months ago after watching the live action 'Joker Game D' and yes, I am/was an anime fan before tripping and falling head first into the bottomless pit. Hit my head on ASTRO, then BTS, and now GOT7. I don't think I will get out of this hole anytime soon so, I have embraced this 'kpop loving side'.