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Who should I put for the main guy in the story?

  • Luhan
  • Baekhyun
  • Zelo

Personal Message

Hello my beautiful subscribers (and soon-to-be beautiful subscribers)!

I'm Stories4u and I'm very glad to meet you.

Please don't be afraid to talk to me~

I won't bite, I promise.

unless you want me to, that is.



My Bias:

Luhan                                                                          Kai                                                                      Zelo                                                                   



Daehyun                                                          Myungsoo                                                               


Bias Groups:

EXO                                                                        BAP





About Me

I'm old enough to make the right choices but young enough to make mistakes.

Representing the city of Chicago, Illinois

Ice cream has always been my favorite food. Not just because it's also Zelo's. ^.^

My passion has always been writing, photography, singing, and fashion.

  I'm very up to meeting new people and I will always appreciate each and every one of you.


"We love because He first loved us."