About Me

S♡NE. JeTi is my OTP 5ever and TaengSic is my submarine. I...have a lot of feelings about SoShi (and Jessica in particular), and I could go on and on about them like a madwoman, so - best that I not get started. I do have to say that my level of...passion (or you could say obsession) for them has significantly dimmed this summer. But no worries, I'm sure with the return of school my soshi-itis will rekindle with the splendour of a thousand suns.

St☆rlight. A very recent development. I like N and Leo, but Hongbin's dimples slay me, and Ken is growing on me. I like VIXX, basically. Such a shame they're not more popular, because they really deserve more (fans, awards, attention) than what they have.

Exes: ELF (I still like SuJu, but...where did they go?), EXOtic (...the pretty lured me in. I'm shallow and I admit it!), Inspirit (we still hook up from time to time).

You can find me under the same username on LJ, AO3, and SSF.

Edited: 07/29/14