About Me


I'm terribly awkward and shy so there's not much to say about me really, but I am open with everyone and will be happy to make new friends.  

So what can I say? You guys can all call me Brit, or Brittaney since that's my real name, or Dubu. I've been into Kpop since around the ninth grade, which would be back around the year 2009. I would say TVXQ was the very first band that I had ever listened to, but Super Junior was the one who really got me into loving Kpop and interested in Korean culture. They have a very special place in my heart because of that. Currently I am all over EXO. They have completely ruined my life, but I obviously have no regrets about that lol. So yea, this is just a litle about me. Hope we can become friends! =)


Bias List:

In no particular order...

1. Super Junior: Kyuhyun

2. EXO: Kai || Chanyeol

3. B.A.P: Bang || Zelo

4. Infinite: Myungsoo

5. B1A4: Baro || Gongchan

6. SHINee: Onew

7. Big Bang: T.O.P

Other Artists:

1. Ailee

2. Ali

3. K.Will

4. Tablo

5. Davichi

6. BoA


Some random favorites...

1. "Wash Away" by Geeks ft. Ailee

2. "Goodbye Summer" by f(x) ft. D.O

3. "It's Cold" by Epik High ft. Lee Hi

4. "Baby, don't Cry." by EXO

5. "Symptoms" by SHINee