What type of Vans would you choose? Why?

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Personal Message

I realized that if you'll hold on a little longer on that ledge of the cliff, you'll find someone that's holding on to a ledge on the same cliff as you. 

So, hold on and look around. You'll surprise yourself with the things that you'll see. 

And NEVER degrade yourself in anyway because you deserve the love and attention. We're human, we all make mistake and we learn from it. And don't feel upset that you can't do it/ fix it immediately. It takes time. Pressuring and stressing yourself only slows you down. 


Sending all the best wishes to you!


About Me

Hey everyone!

I am just an average teenager that wants to make her parents, family, and friends proud of. To prove to them that I'm not a failure or a disappointment after all those years of hardships and pain before. A teen that is unsure about her future, yet excited and anxious as well. She wants a job that will give her a stable life in order to support her family in the future, and in order to do that she has to choose a major that she doesn't like, for the job she wants to do doesn't support a living of even one person. And along the way, having to sacrificing some relationships to reach to the top to get closer and closer to achieving my dreams.

And don't be afraid to befriend me! I don't bite! I eat what a regular person would eat! Hahaha! Although, it would be nice if we could converse with each other beforehand so that we could get to know the general idea of each other.