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About Me

Hi there. You are visiting baybeeykaay's profile.

I age every year on the 8th of August.
New author that takes forever updating.
Forever stanning SM Entertainment, SMstan4lyfe.
My favourite colour is pink.That's why my profile is full of pink.
SNSD is my favourite group. I love them more than my favourite male groups,
my unnies, my idols. ♥ #sone4lyfe

I am Sooyoung biased and then Yoona biased and then Jessica biased.
I love Sooyoung so much that she's the ONLY girl i ship with my top 2 biases (or husbands as I would normally say). 
You are not allowed to ship ChangToria, ChangSeo etc. or KrisSica or SeoKris etc. >:(
Also Changmin and Kris biased.
candybaby is my sister in KPOP.

I am . . .

  • a sone,
  • a sooyoungster,
  • yoonaddict,
  • a gorjess spazzer
  • a hyunaddict,
  • an exotic,
  • an elf,
  • a bana,
  • a best friend,
  • a 4nia and
  • more.

top 10  male     bias list . . .

1. Shim Changmin
2. Kris Wu
3. Zhang Yixing
4. Luhan
5. Jung Jinyoung
6. Kim Jaejoong
7. Lee Donghae
8. Choi Siwon
9. Kim Himchan
10. Jay Park

top 10 female     bias list . . .

1. Choi Sooyoung
2. Im Yoona
3. Jessica Jung
4. Kim Taeyeon
5. Tiffany Hwang
6. The rest of SNSD (in an order)
7. Kim Hyuna
8. Goo Hara
9. Im Jinah
10. Park Sooyoung

These ships sail because I said so . . .

  • ChangSoo (Changmin x Sooyoung)
  • SooWon (Sooyoung x Siwon)
  • SooHae (Sooyoung x Donghae)
  • SooKris (Sooyoung x Kris)
  • SooWook (Sooyoung x Ryeowook)
  • YeSoo (Yesung x Sooyoung)
  • KyuYoung (Kyuhyun x Sooyoung)
  • LuYoon (Luhan x Yoona)
  • SeoKyu (Seohyun x Kyuhyun)
  • Taeteuk (Taeyeon x Leeteuk)
  • HyoHyuk (Hyoyeon x Eunhyuk)
  • SunSun (Sunny x Sungmin)
  • HaeSica (Donghae x Jessica)
  • HeeSica (Heechul x Jessica)
  • YunRi (Yunho x Yuri)
  • MinStal (Minho x Krystal)
  • JooNa (Joon x Hyuna)
  • SooSica (Sooyoung x Jessica)
  • SooRi (Sooyoung x Yuri)
  • SooFany (Sooyoung x Tiffany)
  • SooSun (Sooyoung x Sunny)
  • SooTae (Sooyoung x Taeyeon)
  • Other SNSD OTPs