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your existence alone is beautiful
my name is kim minji. i was born in 1991 on a danish island and I'm a danish citizen. 

i love astrology and while i don't read nor believe daily horoscopes, i have found so much new knowledge about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses that i cannot dismiss astrology as a pseudo-science anymore. i do not believe it can dictate my life nor that it is supposed to, but to learn about oneself has never been a bad thing. 

other things i find interesting include psychopathology, biology, music and  philosophy among others.  
about me
i write stories on aff primarily as well as sneak around in the social section. as a fanfic writer on aff, however, i have my preferred genres and bands i write about. 

i'm primarily a shinee writer, sometimes mixing that up with a little exo as well. I don't write any other group. 

i adore the possibilities that lies within genderbend and often writes genderbended characters as well, purely because of that. it creates a dynamic i really like and it means i can mix and match different kind of ualities without having to find a lot of names for oc's. it's a principle of mine to not write oc's as main characters so even when i write heteroual couples as main couples it will be with a genderbended character.

within shinee world there is also a niche of poly-fics and i really love those so i've tried to give my take on that as well. that's along with the inclusion of many different genders and ualities. i think it's nice.

of genres, i mainly write either fluffy shinee or angsty exo. exo is my go-to group when i need to or want to write something darker. i don't know why it is so but it is. Majority of my fics that are dark automatically has an exo member as a main character.  

either way, i'm a lazy author at times and likes writing drabbles too to get something out. when i start a oneshot or twoshot I usually focus on that solely until i finish which means nothing else comes out in those days, even if i'm constantly online. that's just how it is.
as an author
i'm going to make a wild guess and assume you've already figured out i'm a part of shinee world. 

if not, then here it is: i'm a shawol. 

shinee is my favorite band and they are amazing. there are many things with shinee that makes them my favorite band, but their music is also one of the things i really enjoy. but shinee is my top priority at all times. i'm not going to fight anyone who thinks otherwise, but just ... know ... that if i really fangirl it'll be shinee; if i ever make comparisons it'll be shinee; if i ever talk about specific things that has happened it will be shinee. 

i don't consider myself a part of other fandoms as such, but i enjoy a lot of music. 

i enjoy exo's music a lot. exo-cbx saved me and has probably taken over my musical preference compared to exo as a whole. i am a little split on exo, though, so don't expect me to fangirl over all members, it won't happen. 

i love mamamoo and it's really in the last year that i've really gotten into their music. it's just amazing and they are such energized young girls, it's amazing. they're a blessing and i'm happy i listened in on their music. 

my favorite girl group, however, is not mamamoo. it is stellar. stellar was known for the y concepts, often called s and probably cursed more than hyuna, although none of their mv's have been as ual as 4l's. either way, stellar is known for being a y girl group and their concepts are heavily ualized. the girls of stellar, however, are just adorable and funny. they're so down to earth and human and it makes it impossible to not love them. i really enjoy their music, i find it empowering, not degrading and i'm just so in love with the members. 

then i listen to kim taeyeon. it's impossible not to listen to snsd occasionally as well, but taeyeon's solo music is really what got me. i enjoy her solo style more than i enjoy snsd's music. so kim taeyeon all the way. 

k.will is my favorite solo artist that is not from an idol group. k.will is art, his voice is art and everything about his music is art. i usually envy idols that get the opportunity of singing with k.will. 

either way, i have 3000+ kpop songs in my itunes library so i listen to a lot but these are some of my favorite artists. 
music and fandoms

I won't give up
               an onkey drabble collection

paper cut
               a drabble collection for everything non-onkey

chaptered stories

A cliché family
               a story about a family. 

Ante Mortem
               a story about time and how it affects us.

Âmes soeurs
               a story about love in the most unconventional way.

               a story about legends and dreams.

Maybe If i skip dinner
               a story of mental distress and the darkness that lies behind.

the art of suicide
               a story about death. 

               a story about the darkness within.

I was going to die slowly
               a story about mental disorders. 

savior medical center
               a story about doctors. 


Because of you
               a story about love hidden in anger.

if not us, who?
               a story about break-ups.

               a story about secrets. 

               a story about scary feelings. 

the boyfriend tag
               a story about social media love.


when one year pass
               a story about siblings. 

whispers of gratitude
               a story about silence.

ten years
               a story about betrayal.

               a story about childhood.

for the first time
               a story about christmas trees.

mors voluntaria
               a story about strangers. 

why did i fall in love with you?
               a story about hurting. 

               a story about broken dreams.

               a story about lies. 

under the sea
               a story about mermaids. 

they always have such violent fights...
               a story about promises. 

you win. 
               a story about horror movies. 

have i crossed the line?
               a story about obsessive love. 

the art of writing fanfiction
               a story about writing fanfiction. 

ways to say goodbye
               a story about heartbreak.

10 subtle signs
               a story about bipolar disorder. 

               a story about control.

tick tock (5 minutes and you're almost there)
               a story about hallucinations.

in this place where i trapped myself
               a story about dying