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Hello. I stan the most majestic creatures on Earth. And if SHINee were whales (which would be the ultra most majestic creatures on Earth) they'd be;
Jinki - Blue Whale. (A rarity but so beautiful you can't take your eyes off of him. A simple elegance to him, the reflection of the night sky as he drifts before your eyes and catches your attention. The minute he binds you with his magic, you're his forever. The most majestic species).

Jonghyun - Humpback Whale. (A playful but strong protector. He's there for his family and those he deems worthy of his trust and his love. Far more likely to attract attention and actually seems to enjoy some attention at times. He can provide you the most beautiful song and the most calming lullaby but he will also be up to your schemes - well, as long as nobody gets hurt).

Kibum - Narwhale. (Spectacular and once in a lifetime. Beautiful in a controversial way, but you cannot take your eyes off of him. He demands your attention whenever he's in the vicinity. Almost like a mythical creature, he brings out your curiosity and he makes you seek spontaneous adventures. He may not join them but he will always be there, watching over you, urging you on).

Minho - Bowhead Whale. (At first may seem a little trivial, but will capture you in time. He is fiercely protective of those he loves and forms strong bonds with people. He is also strong and has capabilities that might surprise you, they might even surprise himself as well. He is the gem with the way he looks fondly at other people and invite them into his arms, caring, strong and protective.)
Taemin - Orca. (Technically a dolphin but ... Curious and fearless, a predator of the ocean who cannot be matched. That's the man who has grown into an unmatched artist. Playful and strong, relying on his family to always have his back. But with friends around him, there will be no one who can take him down. Dangerous when you least expect it - he'll strike and you won't survive without scars.)

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Studies show 
intelligent girls are more depressed 
because they know what the world is really like.
Don't think for a beat it makes it better, when you sit her down and tell her everything's gonna be all right.
She knows in society she either is a devil or an angel with no in between.
 She speaks in third person so she can forget that she's me.

of me --------------------------------------------------------

The heavy smell of death hangs low in the air as the predator closes in on its prey. The human takes another step back, eyes flickering around looking for an escape.

There’s darkness around them, the street lamps out long before the human even noticed the predator. Now the two golden eyes are the only things that’s portraying the danger in the dark alley.

It’s a game. The predator playing with the prey in a silly game it’s going to win regardless of how smart the prey proves to be.

It’s been perfected for centuries, the tango they’re dancing. Fear and amusement mixed in one.

If it wasn’t because the human was going to die, they would have probably enjoyed the game, but their heart is beating dangerously in their chest, only making the predator even more aware of their presence.

The sound of the adrenaline-filled blood rushing through their veins is deafening and it makes the human swallow hard. There is no words that can save the human now.

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I go by the name Kim Minji. 

I'm currently living in Northern Europe. 

I have a strong interest in psychopathology (the scientific study of mental disorders). 

My cat is named Himchan. He's 5 years old and he's the bane of my existence. 

I'm a highkey Shawol and my OTP is Onkey. Lowkey OTP is Jongho.

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    Kim Jonghyun



    Kim Taeyeon




 Berry Good



 Emilie Autumn



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