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Heyy??Im sorta of newbie here..So,if u dont mind..can we be a good friends? emm....gosh..im so awkward...... (-_-)' *coughed* But i can assured u that once u know me,i can be a really friendly... ♥ Btw,english is not my country language so i might apologized for my broken english and grammatical error.. *sigh* I need to improve my english.. Im !! Ooo...kay..Bye~!

About Me

Hello~The name is Zahra. Im 18 years old. From Malaysia. EXO-L. My Ultimate Bias is Luhan,Sehun, Baekhyun, Kai and Suho (I think?) I love all of EXO members (OT12) Emm..thats all fr intro i think~