Should I write more ?

  • Yes
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Personal Message

send me a friend request and don’t be afraid to speak to me; pm me, write on my wall, i don’t care

do not translate my stories without my permission or i’ll ing haunt you, lol jk (not really)

you must ask me first, and then i’ll decide whether to grant you permission or not

About Me

i'm luna, a twenty year old who loves to read and write ; straight, lesbian; it doesn't matter. also, i read/write  (chick with a ); gender bender; ; and anything else that catches my interest. 

couples i like to read/write about:

  • daragon*
  • skydragon*
  • taeny*
  • any taeyeon pairing
  • any snsd ship really
  • joyrene*
  • seulrene* 
  • werene
  • irene ships in general
  • all the red velvet ships too
  • hyunaxpsy*
  • and so much more, mostly girlxgirl ships 

*write about these ships more than i actually read tbh 

wanna chat outside of aff? here is my line id: LunaKwonLeePark