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Just BFFs Updated!

Updated by sammy10 on
Characters: Krystal Tiffany Jessica Seohyun Taeyeon Yuri
Tags: jessica jessicajung you yurigirlxgirl girlxgirl

The Royal Family Updated!

Updated by SoshiLove123 on
Characters: Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Choi Siwon, Jessica Jung, Im Yoona
Tags: siwon snsd taeny taeyeon tiffany yoona yulsic

A Lying Heart Updated!

Updated by soshibubbles09 on
Characters: Tiffany Hwang | Kim Taeyeon | Nichkhun Horvejkul
Tags: angst nichkhun snsd taeny taeyeon tiffany

Lucky [Complete] Updated!

Updated by snsdtyss on
Tags: jessica snsd you fluffy girlxgirl jessicaxyou

You Give Me Butterflies Updated!

Updated by Dookong on
Tags: drama fluff genderbender taeny taeyeon tiffany yulsic

Be Mine -Hiatus- Updated!

Updated by ss_sonehys9 on
Characters: You, SNSD Member, Jung Family,
Tags: jessica you yulti taengsic snsdcouples jessicaxyou

You're the one Updated!

Updated by abcxyz123 on
Tags: genderbender romance snsd taeny taeyeon tiffany yulsic

For Yoong Updated!

Updated by Virgil on
Characters: Kwon Yul Jessica Jung Yoong Sunny Tiffany Taeyeon
Tags: jessica snsd yoonyul yulsic yoonsic genderbander

KH's FAMILIES Updated!

Updated by windycloud on
Characters: yulsic sunbyung snsd
Tags: taeny

Boys over flowers Updated!

Updated by elaine242 on
Tags: khunfany soosica taeny yulsic yulti jungli

One Night Stand with T.O.P [Complete] Updated!

Updated by chicklet on
Characters: bigbang OC
Tags: bigbang dongyoungbae kangdaesung kwonjiyong leeseunghyun top choiseughyun

The LOVE of TaeNy Updated!

Updated by Tricia9 on
Characters: Kim Taeyeon Tiffany Hwang
Tags: genderbender romance taeny

My cute little family [Complete] Updated!

Updated by saranghaesnsd3 on
Characters: taeny yulsic yoonhyun soosun
Tags: genderbender hyoni soosun taeny yoonhyun yulsic royalfamily

Sorry is not enough Updated!

Updated by hwang_fiqah on
Characters: tiffany,taeyeon,jessica and more.
Tags: jeti taeny yoonyul yulsic

A Taeny love story - Only You 4 Updated!

Updated by ilovebyuntaeng on
Characters: TaeNy, YoonYul, HyoSic, Seohyun, Sunny, Sooyoung, Krystal, Khyuhyun, Donghae, Suzy
Tags: snsd taeny taeyeon taenydrama snsd0lesbian taenycouple taenyattraction

A M N E S I A [Complete] Updated!

Updated by YoMiatot on
Characters: TaeYeon, Tiffany, Eunji, Key, SNSD
Tags: key snsd taeny taeyeon tiffany eunji eunkey

LOVE in REGRET Updated!

Updated by hann10 on
Characters: soosica
Tags: soosica taeny

My Bodyguard is My Fiancee Updated!

Updated by polkalicious on
Characters: tiffay taeyeon yuri jessica sooyoung sunny
Tags: taeny yulsic

Love&Music; Updated!

Updated by Razang on
Characters: SNSD Tiffany Yoona Yuri Jessica Sooyoung Hyoyeon Taeyeon Seohyun Sunny You
Tags: snsd tiffany you girlxgirl

When will you wake up [Complete] Updated!

Updated by Winheart99 on
Characters: Yuri, Jessica , Taeyeon , Tiffany
Tags: drama romance taeny yulsic maybecomedy

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