Paper Heart


The last thing Jongin expects is to find out she's pregnant. (fem!au fting. female Jongin, Luhan, Yixing, Baekhyun)


Rating: R - if you're here for , this isn't the place for you, sorry
Length: 37k
Warnings: female jongin, luhan, yixing, baekhyun; pregnancy, inappropriate baked goods, all the crying

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Chapter 4: this is like my... 8th time?? reading this ?? and i'm still crying because i'm a crybaby like that but also because your writing always does that to me aH i miss you : (
Chrys4u954 #2
Chapter 4: Chapter 4: I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am totally trash for your writing. You built up jongin's universe so well and I could practically see it all playing out before my eyes like I was watching a cute webtoon or some hilariously touching romcom or something. ❤️
Chapter 4: Okmnhoggixfhxktckhcfhcgucihvgiciyv damn thats a nice life tbh like yeah she ran away but she got a nice job for her interests and has amazing friends and a beautiful partner omg I wish
suhero #4
this was fantastic!
Chapter 4: i literally do not like kailu in the romantic sense bUT THIS WORKS SO WELL I LOVE IT
Im not always super fond of gender benders but i really like this one! The way you just built up Jongins universe made me feel like i was there and watching it happen.

But sobs what happens to chantao
Bi Jongin and her fear of solid romantic relationships and fanily problems and brotherly soo and adorable life is so lovely and I absolutely love the sense of reality to this world OuO
Chapter 4: Okay im not abig fan of genrder bender stories but this was absolutely amazing and i just loved it so much
I was speechless
Like i can not begin to explain how much i enjoyed this!!! Lots of loveeee this was perffff
47 streak #9
Chapter 4: Oh my that story was beautiful ♡ but why didn't she try to find the father? It was Kris right? XD Anyway it was still adorable ♡