I never thought my life would changed on a normal day as any but it did. When I saved a CEO of major corporation and I remembered that day so clearly.
That man saved me from abused from my father and he let me take my son too. For that I'm grateful that he saved me and my son from that life of abuse because I didn't want that life for my son. So, I'm glad I saved him that day.


Artemis Santos
She has dark past but she manages to have a smile on her face for the sake of her son. She's intellectual, caring and always has a sense of justice. She's very shy at first but when she opens to you realize very special girl. Artemis has a lot supportive friends even though adults but doesn't stop from making friends with them. Artemis has part time job at a small restaurant and she loves her job. But more than anything she loves her son, he is her life and she willing to gave her life to protect him.
Apollo Santos 
Age: 3 years old 
This little guy is apple of Artemis eye due to the fact he's her son even though he wasn't planned that didn't stop Artemis from having him. He's very smart, caring, playful and he loves his mom. 
Lee Soo-hyuk 
Age: 24
He's a CEO of Arcadia but he has cold personality because he blames himself for accident that wasn't his fault. When he saved by Artemis, something in him melts a little bit and he becomes interested in her. Little does he know that his savior is been abuse by her father and she also a young mother. He decides saved her from the abused of her father along with the son. He soon falls for her and her son.
Kim Jong In
Age: 23 
Jongin is Artemis friend and Apollo doctor. He met Artemis, three years at a restaurant owned by a friend of his. Funny part that she actually gave birth to Apollo at his friend restaurant. But when he helped her gave birth they became the best of friends.
Lee Jin-ki 
Age: 25
He met her three years ago when she was two months with Apollo. He understood her story thus giving her a job. At his restaurant called Chicken Paradise. Although, she was only fifteen at the time but he want to help her provide a future for her child. As time went on they became like brother and sister. When she gave birth to Apollo in his restaurant. He became the godfather of Apollo and he was thrilled. 
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