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This is actually a TORU-mystery girl fanfic, written in Taka’s PoV, hahaha.

And this just came up in my mind when Toru was sent to the hospital due to fatigue. Its difficult to use Taka’s point of view, but I’ll attempt it anyway Open-mouthed smile


Disclaimer: This is purely fictional of course! Give this gal a chance to imagine that she’s friends with Taka.

I don’t own them rocker dudes, so don’t sue haha

Just to add. I love Karen and Taka’s relationship here, they’re like very close friends who goof around, and can’t admit they want to be lovers. intense blushing!   Embarrassed smile >=__=<

To Juicy: We have discussed a lot of How you met Toru, so lets create a fluff one, where you know Toru for a few  months already. hehe





To: Karen

From: Taka

Date: July 14 2015  2:17

Subject: Toru (and his secret medicine)


BaKaren! yep that's you. I'm pouting! you forgot about me didn't you? Now you remembered to send an email just because you were worried about Toru?

Ah you are breaking my heart that's already in pieces. It didn't even get a chance to heal yet, when you left my side to live in another continent.

Tsk. I know. I know. You are raising your eyebrows now because I'm being melodramatic. Fine! You JUST live in another city, but that's the same. It's far and it's NOT beside me.

Ok I’ll stop. I can feel your battle aura from here. I'll save that emo part of me for lyric-writing later.

So Toru. Right? Our hardworking leader. Don't fret coz he is fine! In fact he sends his best regards and expresses his sincerest thanks for your concern. He also wants to apologize if he has caused you to worry.

By the way, I typed that exactly how he said it. He was too formal I thought he would even bow. LOL. Well that's a leader for you..

Now come closer coz this is your favorite part- GOSSIP!

You know, for someone who needs rest, Toru has been...


He can't keep still for some reason. I thought it was just because of concert jitters, you know, missing his guitar, restless fingers... but no, this is different.

This is where it gets interesting. The morning after he was sent to the hospital, all of us visited him. There were all kinds of gifts and thingamajigs on a table inside his rooms. It has fruits, cards, guitar picks and for some reason somebody sent a basket of leaves (herbs). Haha.

It's crazy what fans can do, especially the girls. The most curious though, is the cute turtle stuffed toy just the size of a keychain. The turtle had a goofy face and was wearing glasses. It was not on the table of chaos, but it was on the bed.

You would think that a rocker, dancer thug like Toru would not touch anything cute (except maybe for his nieces and nephews) but he has. AND he was keeping it close to him.

Another was, when we were playing cards. He laughed like normal, even bullied Tomoya like normal, but at times he just stops, puts on a blank face and looks at the wall clock. He did that probably 5 times within an hour.

Of course, you might say that he was just time conscious, yeah he is, we all know that. This time though he also glances at the door of his room. I had wondered what’s in the door, or who was there. I stole a glance at it as well but I saw nothing, just the white, boring hospital walls and door.

Then, it occurred to me. Could he probably be waiting for someone?

My suspicions grew, when someone knocked on the door and Toru literally jumped an inch and almost threw his cards. Isn’t that an unusual? The calm and collected Toru, jumping at the sound of a knock?

My buddies, Ryota and Tomo are oblivious- of course. #Facepalm. They were still the same. They were just recalling stories of the last performances we’ve had for the past weeks. They also reenacted Toru’s fainting and the staff’s reaction. The room was a riot. It was so fun! They even kept teasing him that fainting is never a manly thing to do. LOL.

Toru just smirked and shrugged. So I had to pitch in and said “So, who are we waiting for today? Is it a girl?” I was just merely teasing but he actually blushed.


Exactly! You are surprised to right? We have the same reaction BaKaren! I was baffled too.

Which reminds me, Toru was sleeping at one time, and Tomo decided to make fun of him. The Doctor said he was now recovered but needs a few more rests. But you know Tomo, he doesn’t care sometimes. So he snuck closer to Toru’s bed and tapped his nose, then his face, forehead with feather-light touches. I don’t know why he wanted to irritate a fatigued person, but that’s how Tomo is. Besides, we find his antics adorable. LOL

The most unusual thing though, was when Toru stirred, he did not swat Tomoya’s had. I thought he might even punch the guy, but Toru did this…

---It makes me giddy just thinking about it. I’m becoming a sissy because of you, you’re contagious.

Toru, caught Tomo’s wrist and nuzzled his face into his palm. He muttered a very muffled, sleep-induced “Thanks for being here,, ju…”


Hahaha, that “ju” must have touched his face like that before, which is why his automatic reaction was to cuddle it like it’s a fluffy pillow.

Aaawww Toru-kun. All grown up and probably in love. Tee hee

So there my Baka friend, is how Toru is as of now. The rest is still a mystery.

Keep in touch. I know you miss me too.

Hot smile



To: Karen

From: Taka

Date: July 14 2015 23:17

Subject: Toru (and his secret medicine) REVEALED


It seems you reply the fastest, when the subject interests you.

I’m right! You love gossip. LOL.

(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

So, I wanted to send this message to you right away.

I found the reason for Toru’s restlessness and his eagerness to blast open the hospital door, to let whoever comes in, come in freely.

It’s a WHO! A person, and I found out I’m always right. Bleh!. It was a girl.

A very pretty but a bit of a shy girl.

She came in very late in the afternoon, when the world was welcoming the dusk and sun was almost burnt out for the day. Her knock was very soft you could almost say it’s very polite. When she opened the door slowly, she peeked her head a bit and looked around the room.

Good thing Ryota and Tomoya were on a smoke break, and I was reclining on a sofa holding my phone (updating my Instagram) in my chest, dozing off. Well that’s what it looks like. I was actually woken up by the knock. However, it looks like the girl might come back out if there were people around, so I continued my pretend sleep.

The girl was slim, the type you would describe as cute and pretty. Gorgeous if she would dress up for sure, but as of now she is just the kind that makes you smile rather than make you drool. (You would understand right BaKaren? you are a guy right? hahaha)

She was just wearing a simple Black Tshirt and denim shorts with matching black sneakers.

Ah just the Toru-type.

She actually went near Toru’s sleeping figure and cupped his face very softly. Toru stirred, nuzzled his face on her palms a bit and slowly woke up.

The moment his eyes opened, a bright smile followed. Not the smile you would see in concerts, the cocky, I-am-best-guitar-person smile, but the smile in all the essence of the world. Simple yet it reaches his eyes.

Karen, I envy Toru at that moment. The girl smiled back at him and ruffled his hair. They were so familiar with each other I suppose. Yet, I haven’t seen the girl before.

When you look at Toru, you would never say he was overworked or fainted due to over-fatigue. He was full of energy, he even sit up and asked the girl to sit beside him.

The girl obliged, and sat beside Toru on his hospital. Without any conscious thought, almost as if hands belong there, Toru leaned back a bit and circled his arm on the girl’s waist, while he started asking her how was her day.

Hmmm.. I wonder how many girls will kill me if they know what I’m describing right now. Plus, I wonder how many of them will slay you, if you tell them what I’ve seen. HAHAHA

(sigh!) again I’m a bit envious.They look good together I almost want to take a picture, but that’s invading Toru’s privacy. I want him to be happy.

While I tried to go back to sleeping, or devising a way I could get out of there without them noticing, I heard a part of their conversation. It seem they met on an airplane ride? It seems that both of them laughed, then a crimson hue colored their cheeks at the same time.

I wonder what happened at that airplane ride?

So let me end this email here, I have a rehearsal to go to tomorrow.

If I collapse, will you also visit me in the hospital and sit beside me on my hospital bed?

Ah I know you would, BaKaren!

Hope to see you soon.

Taka your knight in shining red microphone.

(I remember you said that haha)

P.S. Remember the turtle stuff toy? I discovered something interesting. It has a name. Toru was shaking me one time asking me if have seen Megane? I had a blank face of course and asked him. Who? He answered you know my turtle? Then I told him, you don’t have a turtle dude!. You have 100 guitars but never a turtle. I even told him to go back to sleep.

He was so agitated and it might be bad for his health so I told him I’d find Megane for him. He visibly relaxed.

When I found the turtle, remember the stuff toy I wrote about on my last email? It was wearing glasses remember? It was that. I found it and examined it.

Turns out that on the top of its shell, you can press it and plays a recorded sound. Guess what I heard?

A girl’s voice singing and then giving a message. Check it out!

“Wherever you are, I’ll always make you smile

Wherever you are, I’ll never say goodbye”

Toru-kun Get well. I’ll attend your next concert and see you perform live remember? Gambatte Kudasai!

And when you press it again. It says.

Drink your medicine. BAKA!

The girl is sweet eh? No wonder Toru keeps it with him.

Ok my P.S. message is already long.


Again this is YOUR TAKA



Author’s Note: I am Karen! hahaha Hope you loved it Juicy!

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eunini17 #1
Then we as we didnt know... BaKaren has a secret crush on his best friend Takahiro... I need more of this authornim!!! I cant move on from their concert here in the philippines. Haaaaayz