She is My Bad Girl


"angel-devil" that's how people called them. A gang that consisted with five good looking high school student who spending all of their time to fighting, racing and clubing. The member are Lee Kwang Soo, he looks easy outside, love to laughing and make people laugh, but when he is going mad he will be very frightening. Next member is Kim Myung Soo who can kill and catch all of girl's heart with his sharp but handsome eyes, he is very rude and good at fighting but he has a nice voice and love to sing. Also Ahn Jae Hyun, he has a very good intelligent and always keep calm with everything, but once people make him mad, he will never let them go and hit them until they collapse, the next is Kim Woo Bin, he has a good background as a fighter and had won many battle, some rumor said that he still has a close relation with a big Japan gang Yakuza in his family, he can defeat three people in once. but most of the danger member who is the leader of the "angel-devil" is Song Ji Hyo, the only girl. She ever beat out Woo Bin at the battle when they were child, and she also have a black record in the past when she was killed someone when she still a student of primary school. 

In the other side, Kim Jong Kook, the ex-fighter who was being a detective now is in the middle of investigation about the criminal case that was caused many people dead by the "ghost" gang who still hidden, ACO. Someday, he has a fortune to find the next target of ACO when he does his investigation, because of the discovery, Kim Jong Kook have to pretend to be a high school student to protect the gang leader Song Ji Hyo who will be the next target of ACO. He has to face so many difficult to keep closer with Song Ji Hyo so he can prevent her from being killed by ACO and lure the gang to catch them.


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