Facebook Statuses and Public Secrets

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Lee Hyukjae and Lee Donghae are dating. They have been since god knows when, they are present when the other are and out of anyone at all, they are probably the one who will get married first after a romantic proposal next to Han river, and ended up with a picket fence house with 3 puppies and 2 adopted kids. Everyone knows this. 


Everyone except for Donghae. 





Lee Donghae thinks that Lee Hyukjae needs to buy a new car. What kind of car is hotter than the outside weather???


 Lee Hyukjae it's ing expensive and i don't have money???


 Lee Donghae Fix that damn A/C then!!


 Lee Hyukjae it'll take 3 days and we still have school you're the one who complains about wanting to ride a car instead of the bus as soon as i got my license


 Lee Donghae Hyukjae It's so hot i had my second shower before class even started :'(


 Lee Hyukjae Fine. I'll pay the express repair fee. It'll be finished by tomorrow morning. Just so you know i'm paying extra for this 


 Lee Donghae Yaaay!


 Kim Heechul The very face of ultimate whippery

   - Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Siwon, Lee Sora and 32 others like this


 Lee Hyukjae Unless any of you are willing to pay or pick up Donghae to school, i suggest you all kindly off 



Yes, hello. New fic. I don't know why, but holy i need a distraction.

Warning: Silly plot, rom-com with some angst, usage of song lyrics and people being cheesy beyond belief. Plus, i don't use Facebook so i have no idea whether or not the format was somewhat right. I just came up with the twitter interface as an inspiration.


Hope you'd enjoy!

I would usually gave a neat format for my fic, but for some reason, everytime i tried, at least half of the story disappear. Sorry about that...

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Chapter 1: I've never lol'd so much while reading a fanfic before.. when lee soomans comment appeared before my eyes, I have to say, I DIED HHAHAHAHAABA
Chapter 1: Masterpiece haha!
chikagrc #3
Omg its so cute and funny XD I love kyuhyun character here lmao
Chapter 1: Awesome! I love it so much ♡
bine84 #5
Chapter 1: freaking awesome oneshot
19 streak #6
Chapter 1: Finally commenting on this oneshot!!
I really like this, I've read a few times already :) EunHae are a lovely couple (to be) in this oneshot! I adore Donghae's innocent and kinda slow attitude a lot, and I can exactly imagine his struggles when he can't deny Hyukjae and he are really acting like a couple.
Hyukjae on the other side is a character who's very caring and gentle and keeps to himself what he thinks doesn't need to be spoken about. Of course he is very hurt by Donghae's behavior but it's also obvious how much he himself needs it to make any progress in their relationsip.
I like the style of this story a lot! Although I myself neither use Facebook I use Twitter for many years already and you implented it very well.
I sometimes thought, how ridiculous is it that everyone is so involved in their relationship? The president and the whole staff at their school are just so over the top and so funny that it somehow fits quite well, and it even underlines how everyone thinks of them as a couple since forever.
In the end this oneshot is very well written and made with a lot of love and I enjoyed reading it a lot! Thanks a bunch for writing and uploading it!
Chapter 1: Please, would you allow me to translate this story into Spanish? I'll give you full credit
eros081194 #9
Chapter 1: I love this story...
Chapter 1: Still one of my faves! Hahaha