Rules & Regulations


Rules and regulations are created to establish order. But then you know what they say, "Rules are made to be broken."



You take Design as a subject and God help you, your art skills are comparable to an ant's. You are a science person; numbers and molecular formulae just call out to you like they're your guardian angels. You would never have taken up Design if not for your parents' dream of you becoming an architect and taking over your father's business. You really wouldn't have listened to them if not for you being the only child they can rely on.

And you would definitely never have chosen the subject if you had known Mr. Byun is going to be your teacher-in-charge.

Maybe it's because he thinks you're incompetent, which is why he treats you like you're invisible. If that is so, you honestly agree with him thinking you're hopeless. Because your designing skills? They're really... out of this world. 


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107CHHanmee #1
Chapter 22: Sehunnnn lol omg that was ..... The cherry on top
Glenzzz #2
I think i read this when i still dont understand what subscribe means lol so yeah here to click it<3 probably gonna do the same thing if i came back to your old story but realized that i havent clicked it yet
wuhu with much love for my fav author
Chapter 28: Absolutely loved it. The protective Baekhyun is just so hot. Thank you for this masterpiece ♡♡
hello for the 20th times ;)))
Chapter 28: Omoooooo
Finally I’ve finishes reading this! Probably the most cutest teacher-student story ever! Baekhyun here is so dreamy and perfect just like almost all of us want. If only this type of guy exists XD
I actually read this story at the beginning of last year. I wanted to take architecture since sixth grade & the oc's complaints scared me. But, now that I'm almost done with my 1st semester, I can say with much surety that : ARCHITECTURE IS A NIGHTMARE ( Although you barely get to sleep, so calling it a nightmare is kinda ironic)
Gonna start reading it again now
ikran12 #8
Chapter 28: Awwwwww they got married Iam so happy for them
ikran12 #9
Chapter 22: Akskeplgwlcöcflemdö biggest mystery sehun is gay sidkfokfkcokflo damn girl you give me heart attack