You Must Protect Her (BEING REWRITTEN!)

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Meet Hope, an Australian girl who moved to Korea at a young age. She thinks she's hardly noticed at school besides the odd rude comment or someone teasing her, not that any of that fazes her.

 I mean they are only jealous of the fact she has all the natural beauty they dream of. But no one realizes she's just a lonely broken girl on the inside, with no friends and no family.

Who can she go to for support? 

Now, meet B.AP the six abnormally handsome blond aliens. After receiving the mission of protecting Hope from a danger she doesn't even know of they were rushed to earth and made to adjust to the lifestyle she lives while protecting her.

But the question is, will they always be on her side?

Lastly let me introduce you to some more people, twelve to be exact. Meet EXO, they coincidentally come from another planet to, sent by their leader also referred to as master, well not by these twelve anyway.

They were sent on one mission; Find the girl and bring her to their leader.

But what happens when they become best friends with that girl without realizing it's her?  Will they still follow the orders of their leader or protect the girl?

Why don't you come find out?

Not a good introduction to the story? Well then come read what happens!







Lee Hope



"Whoa, whoa calm down we're getting you out of here" A guy's voice made me stop and I listened to the sound of his footsteps running.

"So what do you say?"

"This is insane"

"Insane but true" He grinned.

I would never be this happy if it weren't for you boys.

This was definitely worth it.


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Chapter 25: Why is DaeHyun like this? ?
Chapter 24: Omg!!! What happened? Why is he like that? O.o!!!!
(Can't wait for the update!)
Jin-ho 97 streak #3
Looking forward to reading this it sounds really good :)
Chapter 18: Omg! Low battery! You have to be kidding me! ? Poor Hope. I wonder how everyone else is...
Chapter 17: Yay! Thanks for updating the story on my birthday. :)
Chapter 15: Yay! Double update! ?❤
Things are getting interesting.
Poor Hope :( I feel bad for her. What a bad night. Hopefully she'll be fine.

Congrats on graduating! ??
Chapter 12: I love that she has knowledge of martial arts. Love it! Also, YoungJae being sweet. Isn't that lovely?! ❤
Chapter 29: Okay. I'll totally read the new version since I found this story after is was taken down. One question, are the ones available already edited? I've already read them.
Chapter 29: Okay. I'm liking it. I'll wait for updates.