Nareul Deo Saranghage Mandeulji Motan Nae Jalmosijyo (My Mistake For Not Making You Love Me More)



Jang Eunkyung knew she meet him again. Her first love, Yoon Doojoon.

She never knew her heartbeat will again skips a beat like she always does whenever he is around.

She never knew he would casually pointed our her character out in public like they never had broken up.

She never know after this 3 years she still in love with him.


Today she will have her first variety show debut with her fellow duo member, Han Jaelyn. While she was quite and polite, Jaelyn is outspoken and talkative. But strangely that what makes the duo chemistry work as a team, Emerald. Together they debut as a unit project of coming girl group. But debuting in that variety show doesnt concern her, what more concern her is her first love, Yoon Doojoon is there. The last word that they exchange from the last 3 years is "I hate you, Yoon Doojoon." 


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