Veela Dilemma


Yunho is a FBI agent. He's happily married with an energetic daughter and he is also half-veela. Well until now his veela side has been pretty much non existant and when it rears it's ugly head it can spell trouble for Yunho's happy life.



A/N - This is a one shot.  Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. 

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congratulations on being randomly featured!
buingbuingaegyo #2
you should definately continue this. don't leave us hanging!
Kpoplove #3
You should continue it >~< I want to see if he chooses Changmin or Jaejoong XD But i hope he chooses changmin though T^T Btw , what is veela anyway ?
aamuzz #4
You should continue. It will be interesting to find out who Yunho chooses in the end.