Caramel Macchiato


Cho Kyuhyun is the new barista in a cafe. A girl comes in with a bell ring on the cafe door and turns his day or, should I say, life around.


It's been days of job searching for Cho Kyuhyun and he still hasn't found that perfect job that would match the skills he know. It was thursday afternoon and he walks heavily through the streets of Seoul, almost losing hope.

"Wanted Barista"

Kyuhyun was stopped by a sign as he passes by a coffee shop. His eyes twinkled and immediately entered the cafe.

After the Job Interview...

"We have the urgent need for a new barista because the one who used to work here decided to leave all of a sudden. Based on your record,  I'm impressed that your trained enough to coffee shop duties and tasks. You're someone that we need. Mr. Cho Kyuhyun. You're hired." 

Kyu breathe in relief. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much. I will do my best." He shook the manager's hand in glee.

"I want you to start your duty tomorrow immediately. The cafe opens at 6 am so I'm expecting you'll be ready in the kitchen by 5-5:30 am. I have a business meeting to catch and I'll be leaving you to Ahra. Ahra will furtherly orient you on your job and I hope you'll listen well.She's our cashier and her spot is on the counter. You'll find her there. Good luck, Mr. Cho." Kyuhyun just nodded as he listened to the manager.

"Take care, Sir" he bowed to the manager as he exited the office and proceeded to the counter.


"Ahra? Hmmm... she has the same name with my sister. I bet this is my lucky day." He skipped as he approach the counter.


"Kyuhyunie~" he looked at the lady infront of her, his eyes widen.


"NOONA!!" he cupped his hand to his mouth in shock to see his sister.


"Sssssshh.. Now let's get started with your orientation. We'll talk later at home. Congratulations with you new job, by the way." His sister just chuckled and winked at him and pulled him inside the kitchen to get started.




(A/N: Hello~ I'll post this as a one shot only but the real thing is, this is a short fic, just a short fic. 3-4 chapters, I guess Hahaha But I'm too lazy to edit the rest of its errors. XDD

I still have to update and finish my story "Let Me Tell You Something" which I haven't been updating for months. Gosh! 

I'm in school right now as I post this. I'm just sooooooo bored that I decided to post something. Hahaha I'll add a pic when I get home. Kekeke~ I think that would be all for my author's note. Hahaha Take care everyone and I hope you enjoy my fic. T^T )

Added a story cover ^^ Hihihi...

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Chapter 1: kyu already have a crush on sooyoung causing him to nerves upon seeing syoung
young_grasshopper #2
Yesssssss! It's been so long since I've seen a Kyuyoung fic
Chapter 1: Can't wait for the update! Looks fun to read.