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Flirting is never easy, especially if both individuals are socially inept.


Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humour

Pairing: XiuminxOC

Length: 3.3k


This fic was born from being awake at three o’clock in the morning because of caffeine (the irony or inspiration?) and needing more Xiumin in our lives.

I also have no life.

Hope you guys will enjoy it. ^^

Also I'd appreciate it if you guys check out my Kyungsoo one-shot, as it has the same genres. o3o

P.S. the other places I haunt - x


Automatic • Ice Cream Cake [Writing Contest] - 3rd place winner under the "Ice Cream Cake" category


Thank you to IIKOOKIEII at First Snow Graphics for my poster ^^


Thank you to YeollieRancher at Chanyeomile Tea's Graphics for my current poster and background ^u^

Also thank you for the recommendations of this one-shot here, here, and here.

I'll answer all the comments when I have time to spare, but in the meantime thank you for all the support and the first ever feature as well! ♡ nov.4/17

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Chapter 1: I love how you potrayed xiumin in here, he shy but persistent.. their interactions are so cute and well developed!! Authornim jjang!
Chapter 1: OMG AUTHORNIM YOU'RE A GENIUS i really love the whole story thank you so much for creating this piece of art ^^ pls make more umin's fic hehe
Chapter 1: This is super cute... I swear
Chapter 1: This is so cute<3
Simple and sweet, but well written.
Chesseltop #5
65 streak #6
Chapter 1: I re-read this marvellous fic once more! I like your writing style. It's so easy to read, understand, and fluffy too! I can also resonate with the characters too as I am an introvert myself. Really, really, enjoyed it. Thanks for writing author, and stay healthy :)
MikaLovesXiumin #7
Chapter 1: I died and came back to life, I LOVED your ff :D
poutybearjongin #8
Chapter 1: "I'd like a medium caramel frappuccino with a side of you." Ajagsvsjksnsvd my fav line ><
Congrats on getting featured!
Shiroso #10
Chapter 1: That....was beautiful. I can't even express fully how I feel about this, but it makes me giddy and anxious at the same time.
Thanks you. one of the best one-shots I've read so far. I may or may not have rolled on the ground squealing for a minute.