Weaving and Straying: 5 Years Ago and 5 Years Later


"Irene finds herself travelled to the future and meets the supposed-to-be love of her life when she wakes up one day."
















I came up with this plot when I was about to fall asleep one day lol








1. Fast-forwarding 5 years of my life


2. Nothing really stays the same in all these years 


3. If you remember all those years like I do


4. Woven with me so stray with me


5. (side/hidden-chapter) Your body is a wonderland


6. To make you feel my love for a million years 


7. You're not my first, but please be my last


8. She is the only one who keeps me warm
































Irene remembers she was feeling unwell so she went to bed earlier after texting her boyfriend and taking the pills from the doctor. 



But when she opens her eyes again, she sees a gentle girl she’d never met and they are lying on the same bed, sharing the same apartment. 




The girl is said to be her long-term girlfriend and her name is Wendy.



Then Irene realizes she has just travelled to the future, 5 years later.




So is she meant to change her past or her future? 














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