Protect the Princess {Placed on Hold, I guess, since I won't be touching this story for awhile}


Princess Gayoung is the youngest daughter to King Sado. The kingdom was attacked by dark forces,so the princess was entrusted to the seven royal warriors. What will happen to the princess now that she has to escape from her family? Will she be safe with these seven men? Will the evil spread across affecting the pure or will she stop everything with the light?


Name: Gayoung Chae

Age: 19

-youngest daughter

-always goes out to explore

Element: Light

Name: Namjoon Kim 

Age: 22

-leader of the warriors

-caring, timid

-Element: Fire

Name: Seokjin Kim

Age: 24


-Caring, quiet, calm

-Element: Water

Name:Yoongi Min

Age: 23

-Stubborn, cool, knowledgable

-Element: Ice

Name: Hoseok Jung

Age: 22

-Bright, Positive

-Element: Earth

Name: Jimin Park

Age: 21

-Timid, Positive

-Element: Air

Name: Taehyung Kim

Age: 21


-Element: Lightning

Name: Jungkook Jeon

Age: 19

-innocent, passionate

-Element: Nature



Please give constructive criticism. I wanted to make this a Choose Your Story, but I actually want to turn this into a book if the story is good enough. So give your complaints and compliments.








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