That Cliché Best Friend Story


It's exactly what you think it is. 


Oh my goodness, I'm going to slap a hoe- Did the author really just use Comic Sans MS? Did you...Did you see that mess in the description?! I know this is all satire and humor but Ivy really- 

Chen you better stick to the script dammit. 

Yes ma'am. 

Hello peoples! As you can clearly see you clicked on this story because it said 'cliché best friend story', you probably know how half of this will go. Two characters are child hood best friends and chances are, one of them are probably derpy and weird as a kid. And...yep, you guessed it! That weirdo moves halfway across the world and return at age 17 looking like he was blessed by the Gods of puberty. 

By chance, they also end up living right next to each other. They go to school and blah blah blah. The new hot kid is worshipped by like 900 people at school and he suddenly can play basketball and like 57 instruments. I get it, I really do...the kid got blessed in Canada or something. Right? He saved a country in his past life, right?! 


Anyway, they 'hate' each other until one day  one of em recognizes that oh? It's not hate, but LOVE. Then the other one also agrees, that its LOVE. 


They kiss at a school dance and BAM, achievement 001 unlocked: NO LONGER IN THE FRIEND-ZONE. The next few chapters are probably so sweet and cute and gross that by the time you get past them you're on the brink of getting diabetes. It's terrible! How are you going to read the ending now? Oh lord! 


Oh wow, look at're still here reading!!! LOL

I suppose you want to hang around for this fanfic, alright, I got you. Let me introduce everyone:

I'm Chen, the narrator. all makes sense now right? I bet all of you were like if "this is a 'jackji' fic why the hell is Chen on the poster? And the background?". So yes, I am the narrator instead of the author. At the beginning of every chapter she gives me a script and tells me to follow it, although I don't...and if I really get off topic you will probably see her comments in bold face. Her name is Ivy by the way- You already know that? Well damn I didn't know. Watch your attitude when you speak with to you punk-

I'm going to sock you in the face after this foreword- We don't have all day! 


There's Jackson, one of the best friends in this 'two peas in a pod' duo. He's that kid who disregards his best friend and ends up regretting when he suddenly realizes how hot she is.

And then there's Youngji, the chick that moves halfway across the world and comes back looking hOT at age 17. HAHAHAH. PLOT TWIST, EH? DID YOU THINK IT WAS GONNA BE JACKSON? AHAHAHA. YOU WOULD'VE THOUGHT.


This fanfic is supposed to be cliché, but who knows what might happen with me being the narrator. 

Stick around, the author doesn't know it yet but...this? Oh child, this is all one big plot twist. >:D 

[a/n]: hi guys *strangles Chen in the midst of talking* 

i'm back with another jackji fic, and i thought it'd be appropriate to do a comedy because...well come on, just look at him! *(eyes Jackson and Chen) 

There are so many great best friend fanfics out there and a lot of them are quite smiliar so here's this ery: 

That Cliché Best Friend Story will be the biggest plot twist crack fic you'll ever read.


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