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Rules and Format

​Rule #1: I only write for the Seventeen member(s) and the reader. No otps aka a member paired with another member. The OC can either be you or you can give the OC a name.

Ex. Vernon x OC name

Rule #2: You can request up to 2 Seventeen members and the OC (for a love triangle).  

Ex. Mingyu x OC x Wonwoo

Rule #3: Try to specify your request so I can have an idea what to write about. But don't be too specific. I need some room to think of my own ideas. If you do an 'Author's choice' request, it would help if you gave me some sort of genre.

These are examples that I've already wrote for: Junghan's girlfriend, Jieun, gets mad that Junghan lies about not liking candies.

Mingyu x OC. Author's choice but I want it to be fluff

Rule #4: I do allow but only for the members of age. Those members include: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, and Mingyu. I am well aware that The8 will be turning 18 this year but as of right now, he's still 17. You can still request for him. Your scenario will not be here in this scenarioshop but I will have a link to redirect you to the oneshot.    

Rule #5: Each and every one of us has their own writing pace. Yes, there is five of us but that does not mean we don't have lives to live. Please Be Patient.

Rule #6: Subscribe and always check the Masterlist in the Foreword and on the next page. 



Characters: Member's name x OC (x Member's name if love triangle)

Scenario: Your request or Author's choice.


You can leave your request down in the comment section down below or you can message me!

You can request as many times as you want!



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Credit goes to 96jun for the cover.   

*'Pending' just means the story is incomplete.

*Click the link to redirect you to the story. 

Requests Masterlist:

Junghan x OC (requested by Kpopasia4eva): Junghan doesn't accept your confession in public but meets up with you in private and gives you an answer. COMPLETE: Chapter 2

Mingyu x Riae (Junrikim8): Author's Choice. Romcom. COMPLETE: Chapter 15

Wonwoo x Alya (sya_han): Wonwoo wins Alya's heart in weird, romantic ways. Fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 4

Joshua x Minyoung x Mingyu (airasehun): Author's Choice. Slight angst and romantic fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 8

Woozi x Hana (hana-yah): Author's Choice. COMPLETE: Chapter 9

Hoshi x Narin (TheAlmightyOnion): Author's choice. Fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 10

Woozi x Kim Hyojin (UruhaGazettE): Author's Choice. Romantic, fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 16

The8 x Iseul (Ami_A_Rin): Iseul takes care of her boyfriend, The8, when he's sick. COMPLETE: Chapter 3

Vernon x Eunri (keuriseuwu): Eunri is depressed and insesure beacause she thinks she's the rebound for Vernon. COMPLETE: Chapter 5

Wonwoo x Mina (jeonwonwoos): Author's choice. Fluffy and romantic. COMPLETE: Chapter 17

Seungcheol (S.Coups) x Sooyeon (sofiaflittner): Seungcheol fanboys over his girlfriend's comeback. COMPLETE: Chapter 7

S.Coups x OC (bedazzledinblack): DK's younger sister always argues with Seungcheol and the members do something about it. COMPLETE: Chapter 19

Mingyu x Kat (oh_snap_its_katt): Mingyu falls in love with a fan. Slight angst and fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 6

Seungkwan x Marie (Immadaughter): The queenka, Marie, falls for the dorky kingka, Seungkwan. COMPLETE: Chapter 11

Wonwoo x Alya (sya_han): Wonwoo notices that Alya always waits for them outside of Pledis Ent. COMPLETE: Chapter 18

Woozi x Jimin (UruhaGazettE): Jimin helps Woozi relax after a stressful day. COMPLETE: Chapter 20

Woozi x Yerin (UruhaGazettE): Yerin is Seventeen's stylist and secretly likes Woozi. Woozi realizes he likes her. COMPLETE: Chapter 21

Jun x Hyunmi (Ami_A_Rin): Jun is jealous of his girlfriend's close relationship with his best friend. COMPLETE: Chapter 12

DK x Hyesong (hyesong): Hyesong is too shy to confess to DK. COMPLETE: Chapter 13

Chan (Dino) x Allegra (sparklingwings): Chan really likes the gift Allegra gave him at a fansign. COMPLETE: Chapter 14

Hansol (Vernon) x Yena (unimportant-): Hansol is shy when Yena comes in during practice only to give him school work. COMPLETE: Chapter 22

Seungcheol (S.Coups) x Poi (ExoShinee93): Poi, a 99liner, has a crush on Seungcheol but he's always cold to her. COMPLETE: Chapter 23

Mingyu x Sarang (jessie9929):  Mingyu and Sarang are best friends that get into an argument. Mingyu makes it up to her and confesses. COMPLETE: Chapter 24

Joshua x Hana (jessie9929): Joshua meets Hana at the park while he plays the guitar. Angsty and fluffy. COMPLETE: Chapter 25

Wonwoo x Joohyun (wonwoosgurl): Joohyun wants to break up because she's tired of his harsh treatment but Wonwoo refuses. COMPLETE: Chapter 26

Junghan x Serin (KimSeRin): Junghan catches Serin's ex staring at her and gets jealous. COMPLETE: Chapter 27

Hoshi x Lee Minji (MinjiJu): Minji openly flirts with other boys to make Hoshi jealous because he doesn't give her much attention. COMPLETE: Chapter 28

Joshua x Yumi (Niveaa): Joshua and Vernon got into a fight so Woozi called his sister, Yumi. COMPLETE: Chapter 29

Jeonghan x Miyoung (sofiaflittner): Jeonghan and his girlfriend, Miyoung find a fanfic about them. COMPLETE: Chapter 30

DK x Amelie (Mimiss): Amelie pretends to be DK's wife while his ex-wife visits their daughter. COMPLETE: Chapter 31

Woozi x Seoyeon (LoveBigBang4life): Seoyeon visits her brother, Joshua, in the practice room and gets hit by a guitar by Woozi. COMPLETE: Chapter 32

Vernon x Erica (AmariD): Vernon and Erica meet at SMTM auditions and develp a crush on each other. COMPLETE: Chapter 33

Vernon x Aerim (keuriseuwu): Vernon and Aerim are frenemies that go against each other on SMTM. COMPLETE: Chapter 34

Joshua x Mara x Woozi (TheAlmightyOnion): Mara and Joshua openly flirts with each other and Woozi gets jealous. COMPLETE: Chapter 35

Hoshi x Jihae (VbabyKookmyBaekon): Author's choice. Funny and fluffy. COMPLETE: Chapter 36

Jeonghan x Annie x The8 (_Annie): Author's choice. Romantic in the morning. COMPLETE: Chapter 37

Mingyu x Hyejin x Wonwoo (INSPIRITANDROMEDA): Hyejin falls in love with one of her childhood bestfriends. COMPLETE: Chapter 38

DK x Jein (hyesong): DK accidently kisses Jein. COMPLETE: Chapter 39

Woozi x Hyeojin (UruhaGazettE): Hyeojin fake sleeps and Woozi kisses her. COMPLETE: Chapter 40

Chan (Dino) x Allegra (esmkseunmi94):  Always Has A Meaning Part Two. COMPLETE: Chapter 41

Jeonghan x Kaemin (BBC4Bomb): Jeonghan, the kingka, is in love with the dorky nerd, Kaemi. COMPLETE: Chapter 42

Vernon x Ashley x Joshua (music101): Author's choice. COMPLETE: Chapter 44

Joshua x Caitlin (EunBixD): Joshua bumps into Caitlin while trying to get away from fans. COMPLETE: Chapter 45

Junghan x Dayoung (Kpopasia4eva): Junghan wants to take a selca with Dayoung, but refuses because she thinks he's prettier than her. COMPLETE: Chapter 46

Dino x Seoyeon (JJevangel): Seventeen and BTS are rivarly gangs. Seoyeon and Dino want to be together but BTS memebers threaten her not to leave. COMPLETE: Chapter 47

Woozi x Minah (UruhaGazettE): Woozi introduces his girlfriend, Minah, to Seventeen. COMPLETE: Chapter 48

Wonwoo x Mina (jeonwonwoos): After having a bad day, Wonwoo takes Mina out on a date the next day. COMPLETE: Chapter 49

Jun x Luciana (lubswho): Luciana doesn't want to call Jun 'oppa' even though he's a year older. After dating for a while, Jun tries to change that. COMPLETE: Chapter 50

Joshua x Hara (_AleyA_): Author's choice. Fluff. COMPLETE: Chapter 51

Joshua x Junghye (BBC4Bomb): Joshua is in love with Jeonghan's sister and the members try doing something. COMPLETE: Chapter 52

Joshua x Junhee (wonwoosgurl): Joshua and Junhee watch Joshua's favorite horror movie and Junhee gets scared. COMPLETE: Chapter 53

Mingyu x OC (Mylifeiskpop99): When Mingyu's girlfriend surprises him on Weekly Idol or Running Man. COMPLETE: Chapter 54

The8 x Cindy (kpop_is_my_life): When The8 and Cindy get into a fight and The8 hits her out of anger. COMPLETE: Chapter 55

Woozi x Jungeum (UruhaGazettE): Woozi and Jungeum have some alone time [hugging, kissing, touching]. COMPLETE: Chapter 59

S.Coups x Yoonjung (aqilahbelle): When S.Coups' girlfriend, Yoonjung, finds out that he's suffering from personality disorder. PENDING

Jun x OC x Vernon (Allisonra2002): Vernon has a crush on Jun's best friend and he gets to kiss her in their music video but Jun kisses her instead. COMPLETE: Chapter 61 

The8 x Tiffany (TEEN-EXOTIC4EVA): The8's girlfriend Tiffany visits The8 in Koreao and the members tease them when the find out they're dating. PENDING

Vernon x Kiara (Penusfish): Kiara gets jealous when Vernon spends more time with his friends from the States than her. PENDING

Jeonghan x Ahri (Aari_ya): Jeonghan tries to comfort Ahri when people comment that she's too ugly to be with him. COMPLETE: Chapter 57

Jihoon (Woozi) x Kwon Yoonmi (KpopForever171): Author's choice. Songwriting. Fluff and romantic. PENDING

Minghao (The8) x Eunmi x Hyejin (awkward_maknae): Eunmi likes The8 but he likes Hyejin. After spending time with Eunmi, The8 starts to like her. Angst. COMPLETE: Chapter 58

Minghao (The8) x Sujin (awkward_maknae): Author's choice. Fun and fluffy. PENDING

Jihoon (Woozi) x Eri (kissme07): Author's choice. PENDING

Jeonghan x Eunnmi (esmkseunmi94): Author's choice. Angst. PENDING

Woozi x Yuri (UruhaGazzettE): Seungkwan's older sister, Yuri (96liner), is friends with Seventeen but is not interested in dating them. At a party, she gt drunk and found herself sleeping with Woozi + aftermath. PENDING SEPARATE ONESHOT

Jeonghan x Minhee x Wonwoo (AsianMe): Author's choice. Jeonghan jealous of Minhee's friendship with Wonwoo. PENDING

Seungkwan x Sora (UruhaGazzettE): Dirty thoughts. Kissing. Touching. PENDING SEPARATE ONESHOT

Jihoon (Woozi) x Younghee x Joshua (UruhaGazzettE): Younghee invites Joshua ans Woozi to a sleepover while her parents are away. They watch movies on youtube and end up watching . PENDING SEPARATE ONESHOT

Masterlist continued on the next page.    

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Chapter 63: is this gonna be updated soon? TT
melody-b1a4 #2
Characters: Minghao x Nam Jiyoung
Scenario: author's choice (hopefully fluff)
Ruby x Dino
You shocked when he confessed to you because he's 3 years younger
misheri #4
Chapter 3: Minghao(The8) x Bang Minhee
They go to a carnival after working together in an coffee shop and have fun and eat cotton candy *^* super fluffy please
mingyu x jaekyung
scenario: mingyu hates jaekyung and jaekyung likes mingyu but due to turn of events, jaekyung starts to hate mingyu as mingyu starts to fall for her. Ended when mingyu confess to jaekyung and jaekyung is in the process of either accepting or rejecting the confession.
mingyu x dain
mingyu confess his feeling towards dain with the help of s.
Chapter 31: I like it! But the ending tho....
aquarius2101 #8
Chapter 1: Can I ask like for the oneshots be arranged in member's alphabetical order?Coz it's kinda hard to find a member's one shot.It's ok if you can't.I will understand.
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more jeonghan pleasee