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My TaengSic one-shot/drabbles/multi-shots compilation
(This compilation consists of girlxgirl, genderbender and s.)

1. Photograph (one-shot)
2. On the Subway (drabble)
3. A Trip to Jeonju - part 1 (multi-shot)

4. A Trip to Jeonju - part 2 

5. Don't drink too much (drabble)

6. A Trip to Jeonju - part 3

7. 9th of March and Two Bottles of Wine








We keep this lovearrow-10x10.png in a photograph
We madearrow-10x10.png these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Heartsarrow-10x10.pngare never broken
Time forever frozen still



A/N: Hi guys! I always have loads of ideas in my head but I really can't write them down most of the time. So I decided to just makearrow-10x10.png a compilation so that whenever an idea comes in my head, I can easily write them down here! :D 

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