We Live Together

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As you can already tell, the format for this story is going to be a LOT different than my previous fics.
I will be writing it from the "camera's" POV, there will be confessionals as well as mock articles.
I will also be involving You, the reader. After every chapter update I will write an article about said chapter.
Think of it as an Episode Recap. If you leave a comment below on the chapter after I update it
then I might just feature it as a comment in the article. :) So make sure you leave a comment regularly after
every chapter as SOON as it's updated. I'm going to be as fair as I possibly can to assure everyone gets a
spot as a comment on an article. Write your honest feelings and make it stand out! Let's make this fun!

Love you guys. <3

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please remember to leave comments on everything so far. leave suggestions on what you'd like to see from the "show"!!! ♡
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