Episode 1. Moving In

We Live Together
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The episode opens up with the bustling streets of Seoul City. It's a warm and sunny day in beautiful South Korea, the people walking along the streets are enjoying the summer weather as the blue skies seem clearer than ever before.

Beautiful sunny Seoul...
Everyone is enjoying the summer...
Everyone except one person

A loud groan could be heard as the scene fades from black, focusing on a large suitcase that's gradually being filled with more and more clothes. Specifically female clothing. We then get a glimpse at the source of the continuous groans, coming from none other than miss A's Dancing Queen, Min.

miss A's Min, known to be the perfect combination of cute and charismatic. She's famous for her powerful kkap dancing and large network of friends. A ball of energy that knows exactly how to set the stage on fire with her amazing dancing and husky vocals. She has just recently made a comeback with her group, topping the charts with their newest single, 'Only You', after a year and a half.

"I honestly don't know what to pack," She groans as she rummages through her drawers and searches through her closet. "At this rate, I think I might as well take everything."

"Should I bring out the other bag?" Min's grandmother appears from the doorway as she hands her granddaughter a glass of juice. 

"Yes, please. I still need to pack my shoes and hats." Min looks at the camera and sticks out her tongue with a smile.

Min has a severe case of hat-obsession.

She then grabs a bunch of more clothes and sits down on her large Queen-sized bed to start folding. "I'm planning to place the smaller stuff like my toiletries, makeup, accessories, and electronic things in the duffel bag,' She points to the coral-pink duffel bag that laying on top of her dresser drawers.

"Are you sure you're not taking a too much?" Her grandmother asks with a little smile as she watches her granddaughter.

"It feels like I'm not taking enough. I'll be living there for a while." She then groans again, falling over to the side. "I hate packing."


In the Yellow Room, Min introduces herself with a deep bow. "Hello, everyone. I am miss A's Min." She then begins to giggle in embarrassment.

Q: How did you feel while packing?

"Very nervous," Min begins to fidget as she smiles widely. "Even now I'm still nervous."


"I didn't know what to expect. That feeling of not knowing what's going to happen is the absolute worst. I don't know how people can be excited by that."

Q: Was there anyone you spoke to about it?

"My Grandmother, Amber unnie and Hyoyeon unnie mainly. I also spoke to Kwonnie oppa about it too since he has experience with these types of shows."

Q: What'd they tell you?

"Nothing helpful." She responds seriously, making the staff laugh audibly behind the scenes.

"I think this is good," Min announced as she walked out the room, rolling two large suitcases out behind her. 

*Gasp* So much! How much stuff does one small girl need?

"Are you sure you have everything?" Her grandmother asked as she helped with the duffel bag and Min's purse.

Min handed her suitcases over to her manager and turned to her grandmother to grab the rest of her things, placing her purse across her chest and holding her duffel bag with both hands. "Yeah, I'm sure I do. If anything I can have Manager oppa pass by and grab me whatever I need. But for the most part I have what's important."

"Okay good. Well be safe, Minnie."

"Thank you, grandma. Call me if you need anything." She pulls her grandmother into a big bear-hug and kisses her cheek.

Min, the caring granddaughter. <3

"Have fun and good luck!"

Waving behind her, Min walked down the hallway toward the elevator that would take her downstairs and one step closer to her new home.



It was almost thirty minutes later when Min got to the new house she would be living in for the next few months. Upon arrival Min couldn't stop fidgeting in the car, much like she had been during the interview that took place during post. It seemed that she was the type to do so whenever she got nervous. At one point she even had the manager blast up the radio only to be greeted by the sounds of Big Bang's new song, "We Like 2 Party", which she happily started dancing and singing to at the top of her lungs.

Fate or just a strange case of coincidence? >.<

"We're here!" Her manager exclaimed as he parked the car in front of the large two story house. it was a custom-built house specifically made for the show in an isolated area just outside the city limits.

Min's eyes widened as she saw the massive house, admiring it's modern structure and grandiose exterior. Parking just outside the gate, Min and her manager exited the van and began taking out her things to start toward the front gate which was up a few shallow steps. Min was even amazed by the fact that the front steps had been stylized so fancily in comparison to the rest of the walkway. Apparently the show's creators had chosen a great place to build it, as the neighborhood was still rather spacious. Around the house there weren't any other house, only some a few blocks up and a few blocks down.

Min took hold of the key she had been given prior to filming and pushed it into the hole, unlocking it before she started inside. The front yard was beautifully done. The hedges were trimmed and blossoming flowers had been gently placed in the garden beds outlining the outer walls of the house. Getting to the front door after a few steps in, Min punched the six digit code in the keypad and unlocked the house' front door. She could now feel the anxiety beginning to form in the pit of her stomach and once again her eyes and mouth were left agape in wonder.

 *Whistles* Welcome to your new home...

Walking in as her manager rolled her bags behind him, Min got a look of the entryway leading into the main living room. The walls were painted a gorgeous charcoal, the floors make of a dark wood, with a large rectangular sectional sofa in white placed in the center of the room. It had throw pillows and blankets in teal, yellow and cranberry to give it a pop of color. A wooden coffee table sat in the center and two accent circular ottomans in a bright mustard yellow were set in front of it —in case there were ever a large amount of visitors. Min smiled and immediately ran over to where a large entertainment wall-unit was, and took out something from her duffel bag.

Hm~ What is she doing?

Excitedly, Min took out her own personal PS4 and set it down beneath the large plasma television. She secretly hoped that whoever it was she was paired with had the same love for video games she did. Hearing footsteps drifting off from behind her, Min turned to see her manager start toward the front door. But as she went to tell him something, another thing caught her attention.

Propped atop the entryway way table that was set against the back of the couch directly in front of the front door were two envelopes. One pink and the other blue. Making her way around the couch and toward the table, Min picked up the pink one which had the word 'Her' scribbled onto it. Gently picking it up, Min carefully slipped the card out from inside the envelope and read it's contents.

"Welcome, Min to the first official filming of We Live Together. From now on you will surrender your privacy to the rest of the world by agreeing to the terms of the house. For the next months you will be living in the Pink Room located upstairs, passed the game room and on your right. Upon entering your woom make sure to unpack all of you belongings and arranging-decorating your room however you wish. After doing so acquaint yourself with the rest of the house, sans the Blue Room. We hope you enjoy your stay."

"Wah," She gasped. "They're really not kidding around."

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