I Found You (Special One~)


This story is about a girl named Park Ji Hae from America. She comes from a quite wealthy family, a simple, bright, beautiful, serious and kind girl. Sometimes she is cold but kind-hearted girl. Her family is always out because of overseas business, so her family decided that she will go to Seoul, South Korea, where her Uncle is staying. 

Her Uncle Park Dae-ho is a manager of one korean boyband in South Korea named U-kiss. Her uncle is very close to her since she was in the middle school. He treats her as his own daughter. 

What will happen if her uncle introduce her to U-kiss?



Park Ji-hae 

English Name: Nicole

Qualities: bright, serious, quite, charming and kind. Sometimes she is cold but kind-hearted girl.

Hobbies: Playing piano and violin. And playing her favorite sports like, badminton and tennis.

She is Half-american and half-Korean

Likes: Blue roses, Puppies and she likes to bake cakes and cookies. Reading books and novels.


Kim Kyoung Jae 

English Name: Eli

Qualities: nice, sweet, caring and good-looking.

Hobbies: Rapping and Martial arts

Facts: He is the main rapper in U-kiss, has a secret crush on Nicole. 



Leader/ Lead Vocalist: Shin Soohyun

Out-going, funny, nice and smart


Main Vocalist: Woo Sung Hyun (Kevin)

Adorable, cute, nice and sweet


Main Vocalist: Yeon Hoon Min

Caring, nice and sweet


Lead Rapper: Kim Kyoung Jae (Eli)

nice, sweet, caring and good-looking


Main Rapper: Kim Jae Seop (Aj)

Sweet, nice and caring.


Main Rapper/ Maknae: Shin Dongho

Cute, adorable and nice


Sub-vocalist: Lee Kiseop 

Sweet, caring and kind





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Chapter 40: Yeaaa~ I hope Jihae can get her memory back
Chapter 35: Waaaaaaa! You made an update :D Love It ^^ I hate that xian come back to disturb jihae!! The Violin sound is great

update soon
Chapter 34: @YieYoungmi Thanks! Hahahaha! :D Lots of love! <3
Cooooooooooooool~ Nice update !! YEAH!! liking the jealousy girl ^_^

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KimHyeAh #6
update soon please !!!
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Wow !Love the Namsan park view ~

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aww Dongho is freaking cute.. <3 update please :)