Into The Woods


Another dream, another fantasy. :] 

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wafflewaffle 1 points #1
Chapter 1: i love it!!! please make another taka reader ff ;-; it's hard to find and even harder to find a good one >o<
i'm glad i found yours !!
Chapter 1: Oh my god, bless you a kl lion times for this beautiful one shot; I've been searching for Taka x OC ficus for so long but I couldn't find any :'c I'm honestly so very happy to have found yours ASDFGHJKL my feels are exploding bc asdfnviieuwjwn this is really good, your writing is honestly beautiful and the storyline was really interesting. It is believable but I did not expect it all haha

I don't want to be greedy for asking is of you but PLEASE WRITE MOREEE hehe