Three Halves to Make Me Whole


This AU takes place in a world where everyone has both a platonic and a romantic soulmate, and they can really only be happy when they have both in their lives to keep them balanced. Ot12, romantic ships throughout the story are: XiuHan, HunHan, XiuTao, KrisLay, SuChen, BaekYeol, and KaiSoo.


This AU takes place in a world where everyone has both a platonic and a romantic soulmate, and they can really only be happy when they have both in their lives to keep them balanced. It is common for platonic soulmates to be physically affectionate, but that’s pretty well limited to cuddling and things like cheek kisses, never anything in a ual context.

So how does one know if someone is one of their soulmates, let alone which one? When you bond with your platonic soulmate you are filled with a warm feeling that offers comfort, and a slight magnetic like pull. When you bond with your romantic soulmate that warmth starts as a spark of heat and is slightly stronger, just as the magnetic pull that holds you two together is.

However, you can’t always recognize your soulmate right away, especially when it comes to your romantic soulmate. You both have to be open to the idea and have it as something lingering in the back of your mind for the bond to begin to form. That s also about as much as is known about soulmates, as it’s a fairly recent discovery, only having been known for close to 40 years. People expect the possibility for soulmates has always existed, but so few were open to the idea, and thus very few cases were brought up until these recent years.

Those who talk about their bond describe it as being both strong and subtle at the same time. As if you’re hyper aware of when they’re around and they feel like they’re an extension of your own body. Like, when you go to reach or something they’re already handing it to you, or when you go to get their attention they’re already turning around to face you. Like second nature

It eventually will follow all 12 members from EXO as some finish high school, and they all go through different years of college. First years at this college are required to live in the dorms on campus, but after that the students are free to move somewhere else. Most don’t go more than a few blocks away to a near by apartment complex that offers a lower rent charge for students.

When the first chapter starts, Sehun, Jongin and Tao are in their junior year of high school, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Jongdae are on their senior year of high school, Yixing and Junmyeon are first years in college, and LuHan, Minseok and Yifan are second years in college.

Eventually I'll be able to release the playlist for this fic, Trinity didn't want anything spoilied so I'll link specific songs in the author notes at the beginning of each chapter.

Chapters for this fic will be up every Friday, starting the one at the end of this week :3 I hope to keep that up, since I'll be going back and forth posting chapters for this and another EXO fic, maybe with some one shots here and there. For updates on this, check out our tumblr or follow me on twitter for my daily monologue, mostly about these fics.


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Djatasma #1
Chapter 104: Bless. *claps*
1 points #2
Chapter 104: nooooooo I can't believe it's over!!!!!!!!!!! I await eagerly for the epilogue!!
this was such a great story idea and such a great story!!! I'm glad it ended happily although that car crash scared me, suchen will always be my otp but I have a soft spot for xiutao in this. I think my favourite chapter is actually when jongdae confronts baekhyun after he leaves cy. idk there's something so precious about baekhyun running away only to run into the big red sign that is jongdae saying "wrong way, go back". man I can't believe this story is over but I'm also happy that it ends well, i don't think i could take another round of drama (seriously??? baekhyun with taehyung as a son????? I'm crying ) idk everything about this is good I love it all <333333333333333 x 100
Chapter 102: it was taehyung!!!!! i didn't even figure it out until you said it!!!!!
XiaoShixun #4
Chapter 104: awwww hunnie hannie
XiaoShixun #5
Chapter 103: Why would he said No?
Djatasma #6
Chapter 103: What is up their sleeves? Yaaay Wus!
XiaoShixun #7
Chapter 102: Awwwwww
Djatasma #8
Chapter 102: OMG why am I misting about the eyes
Teaspoone 1 points #9
Chapter 101: Omg don't do that to me! What is it with the boys and cars? Probably didn't help that I just read a fic where these two got in a wreck and Yeol actually died. *sobs* I was so scared you were just gonna off one of them XD. Great chapter, as usual. And a tiny bit of angsty-fluff at the end to wrap it up, well done. :)
XiaoShixun #10
Chapter 101: Luckily they are both alright