Phone Call, 1995

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Lee Hayi recived a call from her mother's old cellphone when she accidentally found it in her mother's belonging in the attic.

Who knows it would lead her back to 1995 and befriended a boy named Kim Hanbin?


I know I’m not done with the other stories and I’ve been posting new stories. But I really can’t help it, the ideas keep coming in to my mind and I can’t seem to ignore it (I really should write it down somewhere so I won’t forget). I sincerely apologize for the viewers/readers because I keep delaying the updates on the other stories as well.

And for this story, I’ve got inspired by an old movie that I once watched in TV. I’m sure that not all of you knows the movie, even I, don't know what the title is. It’s been a really long time, and it was aired when I was a little.

Anyway, I will update once in a while as I tried to finish the other stories too. So I hope you don’t mind the late updates for this story.



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[PC 1995] A short update in 3 years, it feels like a reunion with my past self.
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