Between a Liar and a Coward

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When we fall in love,
we don't see the flaws nor the bad side,
we only see the good ones.


When we fall in love,
we don't see who deserves our love,
we only see those who we want.


When we fall in love,
we don't see those who are still there for us,
we only see those who are with us.

When you fall in love,
be sure...
that's the right person...
because there will someone who will get hurt...
and will move on...

right after you realize that that person deserves your love more.




People sometimes fall apart to fell onto the right places, you might be one of those.



Learn to appreciate

what you have.

Before time forces...

you to appreciate

what you had.



Good things come to those who wait, but...

Better things come to those who work hard for it.


Congratulations babies on your 17th win! :') So proud of you guys.

And since I've been feeling to write here comes a heart breaking sotry for me.

I don't know if it is like that really.

But I wanted to see KaiLu again.

I'm crying.


- AF -



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Kaylah #1
Chapter 2: Omg! KaiLu <3 my feels ~ I'm waiting for the last part,I really like it it's soo romantic also SeSoo so beautiful~
clairenoona_887 #2
Chapter 1: can't wait for an update ;))