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Chaos erupts in Cho Miran's department for the Secret Service on her second day there when notorious enemy spymaster Oh Sehun turns himself in at their local headquarters.

Twelve hours later, he is dead, leaving the Secret Service reeling with the realisation that they have a mole – which could end up bringing the country and its war effort to its knees.  It is up to Cho Miran, her mentor Do Kyungsoo, and the rest of their department to discover which spy has turned rogue and to stop that person before it becomes too late.

But the rogue is good at keeping friends close and enemies even closer, and betrayal hits worst from those you trust the most.


There aren't nearly enough D.O./OC stories around, so here's my submission.  Tags, characters etc. will be added as and when they come up.  I haven't yet decided which/how many EXO members will be turning up.

(Edit 5/6/2015: before anybody else goes mentioning Blacklist, which is on my to-watch list over summer (or Christmas, if I don't get round to it), and which I have never seen, I would like to clarify that my main inspirations for this story are the cases of UNSUB in the FBI and Agent Zigzag during WWII, both of which inspired the end of the opening chapter (and just the premise in general),  I have linked articles about them in a later chapter, but I suggest reading up about them anyway because they're both really interesting.  Also, Blacklist is apparently crime/detective rather than spy, anyway.)


As always, I don't own EXO, anything branded to them/their image etc.  The story is entiredly my own, however.  Please don't plagiarise it.  I will be removing it immediately if it is plagiarised.


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There will be action, character death, violence and whatnot in this, but I don't think anything's going to be graphic.  If it is, I'll rate it.



This was a very pleasant surprise!  Thank you, everyone!  Rogue barely scrapes into the top 50 upvoted Kyungsoo fics as of today (or top 100 upvoted Kyungsoo fics if rated ones are included), and on a quick search through the tags, it appears that there are only about 13 non-Kaisoo fics in that top 50 (which jumps to 18 in the top 100), and of those nine of them are Kyungsoo x OC fics, which means that Rogue is probably the 9th Kyungsoo x OC fic on the site to be featured (non-rated, at any rate).  I think that's pretty cool.


I can't guarantee totally regular updates, but there will (hopefully) be a minimum once or twice per month, but with any luck many more than that.


See you all later!


Current cover & background by YifanForever.

(P.S.  Please don't call me authornim (I hate it) or ask me to update soon.  Being nagged doesn't make the updates come any quicker and you can call me Korey.)

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Thanks for the feature! Was planning to update today but just found out Rogue's been plagiarised, so will put a hold on that until I've received an apology.

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Chapter 30: Ohhhh, it really bums me out that even after coming back almost a year later, this infuriating problem is still a thing.... Hope everything else is going swimmingly though ^ ^
Chapter 30: soooo i think the plagiariser still haven't apologised to you yet? (and the main poster..... prizeless)
WHAT is going on with the poster hahahahaha. Idk who's idea this was, but it's genius. I had to do a double take xD thanks for the laugh!! Also hope everything is going well in the life of Korey <3
[deactivated] #5
Dear Korekrypta, i hope you don;t forget about this story..
you;re one of the best author i ever meet..
its my dream to see you write a kyungsoo story since you're others fics for other member is so amazing..
Wow Korey, gotta admit, the new poster suits the story better than any previous or future ones. Something about the mysterious lilt in his red lips and the juxtaposition of the lipstick against the creamy background; it really gives the overall story another dimension of mystery XD
Chapter 30: I was so excited to get ready for the next update and then I see this..

I have been stopped from reading your amazingly written fics because of plagiarism that I'm just tired. Why. Can't. You. People. Leave. My. Soul. In. Peace.

Please. Ugh.
Chapter 29: Korey, you are a mad genius. The rogue dossier is literally genius! I'll try my best even though I have a feeling but I'll take note starting next chap.
Chapter 30: Like I honestly know you haven't continued this in a long time Korey but it still hasn't stopped me from reading it...

I'll try my hand at this whole rogue catching business, though my brain's about to split. So far as I can tell, it's clearly a group of moles - unless someone is just an absolute mastermind. Baekhyun seems to be a fairly obvious one - too obvious even so I'm questioning the legitimacy of that - since he's the only character we've actually explicitly read about being duplicitous. Whoever's chatting him up on the down low (Weasel) is TBD but yet another suspect. Also, why refer to Baekhyun as Lone Wolf in third person but have Weasel call him Scout? Maybe Baekhyun's operating on his own with his own agenda, hence the nod to the name? And knowing that Weasel calls him Scout, Weasel ought to belong to the agency.
To be honest, something keeps telling me Soojung is a bad apple; maybe because it had to do with the description about her plump and rosy lips and unkempt hair on account of it being cold or whatnot; another reason a girl's lips and hair would be looking quite aflush/messy would be if she were off doing some serious kissing (with Jongin???). She discovers Miran in the restroom at the right time and I've got a feeling either Chanyeol or Soojung (or God forbid, both) are compromised. Speaking of Jongin, I'm like positive he's a rogue. He has to be the one who sneaks into Hyeri's room immediately after she gets hospitalized, saying "she might have found out I'm dating someone else". Didn't make sense at the time but going back to it after knowing he was her ex, Jongin is absolutely on my hit list.
It goes without saying Junmyeon is an absolute snake of a character but it doesn't justify him being a rogue. In fact, I keep doubling back to the whole fiasco with the corrupted flash drives and Kyungsoo's fob being swiped from his desk. It insinuates a techie (?), maybe even someone working in close tandem with Kyungsoo. Woohyun? Or if Kyungsoo were the real villain, not only would it completely blow my mind, it'd throw a serious wrench in things.
"Key you have TWO HEADS" and the code name reference to Janus CAN'T be a coincidence right? I mean, technically Janus has two faces and I'm probably reading into word choice too much but... if the Janus code name is modeled after someone's personality, which I personally feel is the case, I'd say Junmyeon, without a doubt. He's so hot and cold, pretty damn sly, and speaks in riddles like Janus does. Plus he's got the "two faces" thing going on, parading around as the office playboy (btw, I think the playboy referred to in the anonymous discussions between the villains is Jongin the cheater, not Junmyeon) but surprisingly mysterious and collected when it boils down to business. Anyways, too much speculation, not enough concrete beliefs yet.
You're seriously the hardest working writer ever and all the research that went into this story undoubtedly shines through. Wish you'd update it soon but I know plagiarism is one of the worst things to deal with as a writer. Fighting Korey! Still enjoying your other amazing stuff.
Chapter 30: Good Lord I don't understand people. I hope everything is resolved efficiently. Also I'm gonna have to read that last chapter on a computer since it's too complicated for my phone. Now I'm off to Borderlander's much anticipated update.