Portions for Foxes

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Areum expected a lot of things when she signed up for Onlyfans.
A few extra bucks, minor notoriety, and maybe a handful of entitled creeps.
Falling for one of her subscribers wasn't on that list of expectations

especially since that subscriber was her college professor.



 " Cause you're just damage control
for a walking corpse like me. "


  • MUSE & INSPO Pinterest, Official Playlist & original version.
  • CHARACTERS Areum Jeon (OC), Seunghyun Choi, Seulgi Kang, Tiffany Hwang
  • CONTENT WARNING Strong language, ual themes, graphic depictions of , minor mentions of racism.



This has been a long time coming. A very long time coming. I wrote the original version of this story in 2011. Years after its completion, I told myself, time and time again, that I would rewrite it. And I did -- several times. Some of them, I posted. Others, I've kept to myself. And finally, I'm sharing the final version of this story. As someone who hopes to make a career out of writing, I've lived by this mantra for ages now but I wanted to make it clear: This rewrite is for me. It's been years since I've finished anything and I promised myself that if I ever returned to this site, I would complete a new version of this story; and it looks like I finally am. With that said, however, I want to thank all my old subscribers. Without you guys, I don't think I would have ever given this story a second glance. And, to my new subscribers, welcome! I hope you enjoy it. If you'd like to read the first version of the story, you can do so here. Anyway. Thank you to every single person who even glances at this story. I hope you choose to say. Enjoy💗

Sorry for the delay, but finally, an update has been posted!
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