MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: kamepi_chan - Ellie

Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

Explanation of Triad Positions and Duties (*sigh)

I remember now, this is why I don't want to post this fic before. There's just too much explanation about the Mobster thingy.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that these positions and their duties are purely fictional (some of the information used here are taken from )


Dragon Head (a.k.a. Mountain Master) - he's the leader overlooking ALL the Triad's activities and members. But he does it in the shadows. Nobody knows who or where he is except for a chosen few.

Deputy Mountain Master - the position after the Dragon Head. He's like the physical body of the Dragon Head. He is the one carrying out all the things that needs to be done and reports it to the Dragon Head via the Straw Sandal. So in business terms, GD is like the manager doing the dirty works and Dragon Head is like the owner giving orders. If the Triads needs to defeat a rival gang, GD and his unit are in the front line when attacking. If there's a problem within the organization, it will be relayed to GD and he will either give instructions on how to resolve it or he will do it himself. GD is respected even by other underground organizations (Yakuza, Mafia, etc) since he's a very effective mobster and they always seek his help whenever necessary.

Vanguard - Operations Officer

Incense Master - Ceremonies Officer - he's the one who will perform the Initiation Rites for the uninitiated Triad Members (Blue Lanterns)

White Paper Fan - Administrator - financial advisor of the Triads

Red Pole - Enforcer - takes care of the Triad's Offense and Defense. Responsible in overseeing the security of all members.

Straw Sandal - Liaision Officer - he is the one relaying messages among all units. For security purposes, the information are relayed via the Straw Sandal to ensure that the information won't be leaked. (kinda like a messenger)

49ers - Ordinary Members

Blue Lanterns - uninitiated members (a.k.a. neophytes)



The moment I opened my bedroom door, a vein on my head almost exploded. Chilling on top of my bed is none other than the chicken that Jiyong was petting this morning.

"ARRRGHHHH!!! KWON JIYONG, YOU JERK!!!", I screamed angrily on top of my lungs. I am so going to kill him!

Who on their fcking right mind would want to pet a damn chicken?!

And what's that hanging on its neck? A note? I slowly approached my bed and looked at the note tied to the chicken.

I'm a good chicken. Please adopt me.


"I HATE YOU!!!!!", I stomped my feet in frustration.

How am I going to get the chicken off my bed?! I don't even want to hold it, ewww!!

Now I need to change my bedsheet and pillow cases! I was pacing back and forth, pondering on how to drive the chicken away when my phone beeped.

Dude, where are you? I'm already here in our usual hangout. Come drink with me, buddy.

Omo, Donghae! I almost forgot! But what will I do with this blasted chicken?! I was still racking my brain when another text from Donghae came in.

Drink with me, please. =( *sad face

Awwww, a sad face from Donghae. How can anyone say no to this adorable creature? Okay, forget the chicken. I'll deal with it later.

I immediately sent a reply that I was on my way, grabbed my bag and stormed out of my apartment.

Our usual hangout is at a bar tucked in a corner of Hongdae, away from the youthful buzz of the dance clubs which is what Hongdae is famous for. The music in that bar is soothing and you can drink while chatting with your friends that's why we liked it there. Friday nights is our usual drinking session. It's always just the two of us.

I'm so comfortable with Donghae and we can talk just about anything under the sun. It's almost impossible not to fall for that guy. And it really pains me whenever he tells my officemates that we're only drinking buddies. I hate those two words.

It's mainly because of him that I decided to rent a boyfriend. Bom is right (although I hate that she's right, she can be very spiteful sometimes), I want to show Donghae and the entire office that someone is interested in me. It's all for the wrong reasons, I know.

I honestly want to back out. But things turned to be quite unexpected

Kwon Jiyong

I wonder who he really is.


"Boss, I've invented a new word just for you. It's called JEALOUSY", Seungri, being the smartas$ that he is, almost lost his life when GD abruptly gave him a sudden blow on his ribs.

"OUCH!! Boss ~ ~", he whined.

"I only tickled you. Stop being a girl", GD grabbed his drink and continued staring at Dara's direction.

"Tickled me? I think one of my ribs is broken", Seungri complained.

GD dismissed the rest of his unit since they still have an early day tomorrow. He was planning to tail Dara alone but of course, TOP, Youngbae, Seungri and Daesung refused to go home because according to them, 'they are his loyal followers and they have to be there to cover his back'. These ba$tards. Even an idiot can tell they just tagged along to witness him making a fool of himself while tailing that geek.

"Why are you still here? Go home. As you can see, I'm just having some drinks", he nonchalantly said.

"Sorry Boss. We need to ensure your safety", Daesung smiled at him goofily.

"Cut the bullcrap", he shook his head and stole a glance again at Dara's table. He is also wondering why he's here. It's like there's an invisible force that compelled him to follow her.

So, she's meeting a guy. Big deal. He doesn't care. He has more important things to deal with than give a sh!t about her and who she's meeting with and...Why is he holding Dara's miraculous hands?

GD gulped down his drink in one go, his eyes never leaving Donghae's hands comfortably resting on top of Dara's hands. His brows are deeply furrowed.

"Boss, are you alright? Can I now get my twenty million won?", TOP sweetly asked.

"Shut up. I won't fall for that woman"

"Uh-huh", TOP nodded mockingly.

"Look at the mirror boss and see how you look like", Seungri chimed in.

"Why? How do I look like?", GD asked uninterestedly.

"Lemme see.. Hmmm.. Yep, that right there is the face of someone who's about to start a murder rampage any moment", Youngbae replied.

"And stop gripping that dagger! I don't want to pull it out of that guy's later", TOP complained as he pointed at the dagger hidden in GD's boots. GD loosened his grip on his weapon and poured another round of drink.

"The dagger is for you, as$holes. I'm planning to slit your mouths if you don't zip it"

He wearily diverted his gaze. Being with the four monkeys is no help either. They're toying with his brain and were practically shoving Sandara Park down his throat.

TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri are his friends before they even entered the kind of life that they have now. Probably, they just want him to be happy. But, they're no ordinary people. Happiness is such an elusive thing for them. They're in constant danger and have no defined future. Love? He can't afford that. Especially with all the sh!t going on within the Triads.

"Why is that guy clasping Sandara Park's hands?", Youngbae is playing the devil's advocate pretty well.

"Uh-oh. Boss is going to claw that ba$tard's eyes out", Seungri jokingly remarked.

"....and shred it to pieces", Daesung added.

"Ridiculous", GD retorted. He looked down and caught sight of the knife on their table. It's as if the knife is begging him to stab and kill someone with it.

"Okay mushroomheads, cut it out. Boss might give us an official order to obliterate that man and place his head in a silver platter", TOP chuckled.

GD remained silent. No, he's not in love with Sandara Park. Amusement is far from love. That's just absurd. It's probably time to visit Sulli release some heat.

He then glanced at Dara's table again. She's giggling happily while chatting animatedly with that guy. Hmmm..Maybe he can spice things up a bit - for his own amusement.

GD stood up and TOP immediately stood up as well.

"Stay there. I'm just going to the restroom", GD calmly said and was about to walk when TOP blocked his path.

"Boss, please don't do anything funky. Remember when you suddenly lost your temper and threw a dart right in the middle of a thug's forehead? You don't want those kind of unnecessary chaos to happen here, do you?", TOP worriedly said.

"Relax. And besides, that thug deserved that. He should be thankful the dart is not poisoned.", GD continued walking, leaving the four behind.

Minutes passed by.."I'll just go to the restroom, too", Seungri said.

He was running when he came back.

"Boss is not there!", Seungri exclaimed while catching is his breath.

"Where is he?!", Youngbae asked, alarmed.

"Oh no. Oh no no no.", TOP gasped as he gawked at where GD is currently at.

"What?", Youngbae exclaimed.

TOP pointed at GD's location, which is at Dara and Donghae's table.


"Being retarded", TOP groaned and lightly banged his head on the table.



Oh sh!t.

What is he doing here?!

"What are you doing here?", I asked in bewilderment.

"Having a drink", Jiyong simply said and raised his glass.

Crap, I'm still not emotionally prepared to introduce Jiyong as my boyfriend! I plan on doing it on the Annual Company Acquaintance Party, with full moral support from Bom!

Fortunately, Donghae stepped out for a while to take an important call from one of his subordinates in our office. Being the Lead Technical Specialist, he is always on-call whenever something's up with our servers, networks, etc.

"Uhm, I'm having a drink with my officemate", I started. I'm hoping he can take a hint that this is awkward and we should just get on with each other's business tonight. I'm not sure how I'm going to introduce him. Besides, Donghae and I are enjoying each other's company, just like old times. I miss old times.

"I see", he said in a noncommittal tone. Then....he stood there.

O-kay. What now?

It will be rude to ask him to leave just because of my stupid desire to be alone with Donghae, right?

Ugh! Speaking of which, I seriously need to stop getting my hopes up when it comes to Donghae! But...but, Aigoo, Dara! Bominator will surely clobber you again!

I looked at Jiyong, who is still standing in front of our table.

"Uhm, why don't you sit?", I asked.

"You sure?", he looked quizzically at me.

"Yeah, have a seat"

"Your face is telling me to get lost", he mockingly smiled at me and sat at the chair.

ARGH! This jerk never fails to make my blood boil!

Donghae's seat is in front of me and now Jiyong is sitting at my right, staring intenly at me. I can literally hear his mind thinking I caught youuuuuu.. Which is kinda absurd since I'm not doing anything wrong, am I?

I glanced at him, chugged down my drink and looked at him again. He's still staring at me!

"What?", I asked.

He just shrugged his shoulder. I'm used to his noncommittal attitude but I don't know why his silence now is making me feel very uncomfortable.

I scowled at him and was about to say something when I remembered the creature currently residing in my bedroom.

"Yah! Why did you place that damn chicken in my apartment?!"

"She's our pet"

"Jiyong...", there was a warning tone in my voice but as usual, he's unperturbed.

"Have you thought of a name for her?"

"Jiyong! We are NOT petting a chicken!", I snarled at him and hit his arms rapidly. He just dodged my attacks and grinned.

"Let's name her Fried Chicken", he said.

"OMG! You're evil!", I gasped.

"Hmmmm..I guess the name of our pet should be tough...Something that will make other chickens run for their lives...How about, Colonel Sanders?", he cocked his brows and smiled playfully at me.

"Seriously, you're sick!", I slapped his arm. I found myself laughing with his twisted sense of humor. Colonel Sanders? Of course other chickens will surely run for their lives if they hear the name of the KFC founder.

"General Tso?"

"Now you're back to chicken menu, eh?", I chuckled.

"How about Megatron?", he asked. Oh gosh, bless his heart for naming the helpless chicken after a Decepticon.

"Megatron it is", he suddenly declared.

"NO WAY!!", Wait, why am I even protesting? I don't even want to pet that chicken!

"You think of a name, then", he said.

"Jar Jar Binks?", I suddenly blurted out. He is hypnotizing me to agree with his stupid idea!

"Geeky as ever. Where's the tough in that one? Jar Jar Binks is clumsy and his role in Star Wars is just to provide comic relief", he chuckled.

"<*GASP> You did not just insult Jar Jar Binks upon my presence!", I dramatically clutched my chest. He roared in laughter and pinched my cheeks.

"You're saying you're going to fight for the Jar Jar Binks name against my Megatron name? Huh, geek?"


"I will fight for it until death", I smirked at him arrogantly.


He then leaned back on his seat and stared at me, seemingly amused.

"That means you're agreeing that the chicken will be our pet", he announced. Wait, WHAT?!

His smile grew wider.

"You sneaky ba$tard! There is no way in hell that I'm going to keep that chicken", I muttered between gritted teeth.

He was laughing at my annoyed face when another disaster came...

"Sorry dude, I was-...Oh, your friend?", Donghae asked.




I'm sure my face is a perfect example of resurrection from the dead.

"<*gulp> Y-Yes.", I stuttered and glanced at Jiyong, who looks detached from the real world again. I'm really not prepared to introduce him as my boyfriend!

"Donghae, this is Jiyong. Jiyong, this is Donghae", I continued.

"Hey, dude!", Donghae extended his hand but Jiyong stared blankly at him like he's just an optical illusion.

I nudged Jiyong.

"Hey..dude", Jiyong replied and accepted Donghae's hand, much to my relief. Is it just me or is our table seething with awkwardness?

Okay, screw politeness. Jiyong has to leave so as not to ruin my moment with Donghae.

"Uhm.. He just accompanied me in the table when you took the call. He's actually....with his friends, right Jiyong?", I discreetly widened my eyes at him so he can take the hint.

"What friends? I'm alone.", he nonchalantly said.

JERK!!! Leaveeeeee!!!

"A-ha-ha-ha. I thought you said you're sitting there with your friends?", I pointed at nowhere in particular while kicking his shoes.

He furrowed his eyebrows, looked at where I was pointing, and stared back at me.

"Where? Stop kicking my shoes."

JIYONGGGgggg!!!! ~ ~

"Mind if I join both of you?", he asked and flashed his boyish grin. But the evil glint in his eyes did not escape my spider sense. He's trying to piss me off again!! Why does he do that at every chance he gets?!

"No problem", Donghae replied. Jiyong smiled at me triumphantly.

I so want to throw the chair at his face!

"So, how long have you known each other?", Jiyong asked.

"About three years? Right, Dara?"

"Yeah. We entered the company at the same year", I said.

"She's actually my drinking buddy! We've been having our drinking sessions regularly since then.", Donghae glanced at me and tapped my hands.

"I see.", Jiyong took a sip from his glass while eyeing us.

His voice is eerily calm. Like he's suddenly going to spring out of his seat, leap towards Donghae and eat his brain. What is wrong with him?

Jiyong continued with his string of questioning. I actually felt like we're crime suspects trapped in an interrogation room.

"And we're always getting into trouble hahahaha!! I'm sure if Dara and I have a baby, the world will crumble!!", Donghae jokingly said.

I would've died from giddiness because of what Donghae has just said if only Jiyong wasn't staring at me with stoic eyes. He is the worst rented boyfriend ever! Argh!! He just do whatever he pleases and makes fun of me! Well yeah, I didn't introduce him as my boyfriend to Donghae BUT STILL!!!! <*imaginary stomping feet happening here> He should at least.. I dunno...shower me with praises and drown me with a lot of cheesy words and stuff.


Oh well. I knew he's a tough one even during our first meeting. He's like an untamed beast. At least he's not telling Donghae anything about our deal. I would still need to consult my personal adviser a.k.a. Bom on how to drop the bomb that Jiyong is my boyfriend.

"By the way, how'd you two know each other?", Donghae asked as he drinks his beer.

Jiyong tentatively glanced at me, a smirk forming on the corner of his lips. Oh boy.

"Well, you see...", he started.

Oh boy. Oh boy. I gulped down my drink in hurried succession while rapidly blinking in fear.

"Dara approached me...", he purposedly paused in midsentence for added effect.

I was praying like I've never prayed before! My mind was literally screaming 'SHUT UP JIYONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!'

"...and asked for directions. She was looking for a certain store so I accompanied her there", he finished while I slumped on my seat, obviously relieved. GAHD! This is the reason why I initiated the Boyfriend Training.

"Ah I see. How did you end up being friends after that, though?", Donghae asked and turned to me!

My mind completely went blank. Here's the problem. Whenever Donghae is anywhere near me, my intelligence somehow exponentially declines. I can't freaking think of anything to answer that simple question! Help!

"We exchanged numbers because she wanted to thank me by treating me to dinner", Jiyong replied. I think my face is already devoid of colors.

" became close after that?", Donghae frowned and stared at me. Yipes! Donghae, please stop asking, I beg you. ~ ~

"Well..y-yeah", I grabbed Jiyong's glass and drank it. He just looked blankly at me. I'm slowly losing my mind with these two, argh! I'm really not good at lying, this is why I need Bom when I introduce Jiyong! We still need to organize the story about how we met!

"She even cooked lunch for me in her apartment", Jiyong nonchanlantly said while signaling the waiter for another round of drinks.

I was frantically using MORSE CODE by tapping my fingers on the table! Omo Jiyong SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH! Donghae has not even set foot inside my apartment! He will find it suspicious!

"You've been to her apartment?"

OH GOSH! My vision is getting hazy because of this nerve-wracking experience.

"Yeah. You haven't?"


"Oh", Jiyong said, and is that a hint of smugness that I sensed?

"I didn't know you love to cook, Dara"

"She's very bad at it.", Jiyong chuckled and glanced at me. The nerve of this guy! I will chop off your limb after this. I swear!

"Uhm, Jiyong just asked me a favor to cook for him celebrate our friendship"

To celebrate our friendship?!!! GAHHH! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! How did I come up with that strangest piece of crap! Jiyong is trying his best not to laugh at my pale face while Donghae is looking more confused than before.

"To celebrate your friendship?", Donghae asked in bewilderment as Jiyong facepalmed himself and could no longer hold his laugh anymore.

I want to curl up into a big ball of embarrassment.

"No..I mean..", I stuttered and was searching my useless brain for any useful lie when Donghae's phone beeped. Thank heavens for mobile phones!

He pulled it out and read the text message.

"Uh-oh. Dara, one of our servers crashed. I need to get back to the office. I'll drop you off your apartment", Donghae urgently said.

"No, it's okay. I can just take a cab. And Jiyong's with me, anyways.", I replied.

"I'll invite you out again, neh?"

"Arasso", I smiled at him.

"Nice meeting you, Jiyong", Donghae said before he took off.

Awesome. I'm left alone with the jerk. I turned to him and flamed him with my stare.

"DON'T..DO..THAT...AGAIN!" I was slapping his arm for every word.

"Do what?", he calmly asked.

"You're making Donghae suspicious because of your unstoppable mouth!", I hissed! Can I kill him now?

"Me? You're the one doing a very bad job at lying", he said matter-of-factly.

"That's because you indulged him in asking more questions that's why I was rattled!"

"Uh-huh. And what's that about me asking you to cook to celebrate our friendship. You never fail to surprise me with your funky ideas, Sandara Park", he chuckled.

I glared at him dangerously. The urge to butcher Jiyong is increasing. I just grabbed my glass filled with courage-inducing alcohol.

"Why didn't you introduce me as your boyfriend? Isn't this the reason why you rented me in the first place?", he asked.

"It's not time yet.", I drank my beer while asking myself the same thing. Why didn't I?

"You like him, don't you?", he suddenly asked.

"<*cough cough> WHAT?!", a good amount of beer flowed out of my mouth.

"Yep. You like him"

"Noooo.", I vehemently denied.


"I just don't know how to introduce you as my boyfriend. I never imagined it to be this way", I sighed in frustration.

"Then how do you imagine it to be? With flashy lights while I'm being elevated from a platform and being showered with confetti plus fireworks in the background? Or do you want me to hire a marching band and enter the party venue on top of a galloping horse?"


I already feel like a total crap right now, I don't need an extra dose of sarcasm. And for Pete's sake, I can't imagine introducing Jiyong as my boyfriend in front of my officemates while he's being elevated from a platform and being showered with confetti!

"Just let me think this through, okay? I'm just not ready to tell Donghae.", I rested my face on the table, totally dejected. What happened to my plan? Didn't I rent a boyfriend to show Donghae that I'm not just a drinking buddy type? That I can be someone's girlfriend too?

"What did you like in that guy anyway?", he asked.

GRRRR. I really want to smash the glass on his skull! He's such an insensitive idiot!

"What made you think I like him?", I grumpily shot back as I sat upright. There's no way that I'll admit my feelings about Donghae to this arrogant jerk!

"Because if he isn't anybody special, you wouldn't be so keen on shooing me"

I fell silent. He did too. I lowered my gaze and decided to drown myself with alcohol. I can still feel Jiyong's eyes on me.

"So he's the real reason why you rented me", he said after a while.

I felt my stomach froze. A feeling of guilt washed over me, and I hate it. I think I'm taking this rented boyfriend thing way too seriously. I mean, I'm not in a relationship with Jiyong so I don't have any obligation whatsoever to him, right?

"Do you think things will change after he finds out that I'm your boyfriend? Or do you think you will still be a drinking buddy to him?", he casually asked. But that just hits me at a sore spot.

"I don't even have to explain anything to you. You should be happy I'm still renting you."

I bit my lips the moment those words came out of my mouth. Jiyong's expression is unreadable. Fck.

"I'm just trying to be a friend, Dara", he stood up and left.


GD was driving, immersed in his own thoughts. TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri already left as per his orders. He's clearly in a foul mood so the four did not even bother asking what happened.

So many things are running through his mind. He agreed with the rented boyfriend setup because he's bored and he just wanted to amuse himself. He told himself he's just going to play a little with the innocent geek.

Now that the Triad organization is in a mess and since he has confirmed that they're up against an unknown figure who wants to annihilate their members, should he still be doing this?

Maybe it's time to stop seeing her...

His phone beeped as the traffic light signals red. He read the message and frowned. It was from Dara.

hgriio ugio;iogsoigs'ai8

But it's just some random letters.


Back at the bar, a few minutes before GD received the text message...

Everything happened so fast. She was about to text Jiyong to apologize for her outburst when a group of thugs entered and started attacking the men seated at a table near hers. Pandaemonium erupted and the next thing she knew, there were flying bottles everywhere.

Dara is breathing audibly on her gaping open mouth. Her heart is thundering as she crouched on all fours under the table as the whole bar broke in complete chaos.

She was on the verge of tears as she tried to grab her phone that she dropped. She was still reaching for it when a hand grabbed her and pulled her up. When Dara stood up and was face to face with the hooligan holding her wrist, she screamed in fright and stepped on her phone.


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