MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

YG Underground Club is owned and ran by the Triad. It is where the members usually hang out in the VIP rooms. A safe place for them to unwind and have some fun. The first floor has a wide dance floor for the unsuspecting party animals who didn't know that one of the most feared underground organizations oftentimes hang out there as well.

GD, followed by his men, walked towards one of the VIP rooms where the ladies are waiting for them. Sulli immediately entwined his arms around GD.

"Hey gorgeous", she cooed and kissed him passionately. TOP and Youngbae are also busy with their own . After a couple of minutes of making out, they settled on their seats, each having their own girl toy by their arms.

GD let out a heavy sigh as he remembered what happened inside the cable car at Namsan Tower.

--------------------------------- FLASHBACK

They were able to successfully suppress the hooligans. He and his men then boarded the cable car to meet the Blue Lantern and was surprised that it was none other than Kim Sung-su, a timid guy during the Blue Lantern Induction Ceremony. He was shocked to see them at first. Then relief flooded his face as he turned to GD.

"Boss, please save me. I was asked to deliver this plate or else, they'll kill my family. Please take me to The Facility.", Sung-su said.

GD furrowed his brows in confusion. The Facility? Who told him about that? GD quietly stretched his arm and grabbed a gun from his men. He released the lock.

"The Facility? What crap are you talking about.", his thundering voice echoed all over the enclosed cable car sending chills to everyone. Everytime G-Dragon shows his fangs, it's as if he's a completely different person. He smiled viciously as he leveled the gun to Sung-su's head.


Those were the last words of Kim Sung-su before his body recoiled backwards as sniper bullets hit his back before GD can pull the trigger. GD and his men dropped on the floor while trying to see where the sniper is. The cable car door opened and men in black suits with a small red dragon embroidered in their left sleeve were waiting for them. They were from the Mountain Master unit, the subordinates of the Dragon Head himself.

"Boss, are you alright? The sniper is one of ours. We're sent here to dispose the body and recover the plate", GD straightened up and creased his forehead as he recognized the Mountain Master Unit. They all bowed down to him and swiftly lifted the dead body and placed it in a stretcher, towards the waiting ambulance. The curious bystanders were informed that a 'police operation' is taking place, a common cover story the Triad often used when dead bodies are involved.

Why would the Dragon Head send his men on such a tiny task like this one?

"We could've easily handled this.", GD voiced out. The Mountain Master unit bowed down to him once again to apologize.

"Our deepest apologies for the intrusion, Boss. It seems the plate is an important part of our organization."

GD just nodded his head and glanced back at the Namsan Tower. Is she still waiting?, he thought.

--------------------------------- END OF FLASHBACK

GD sighed again as he downed a shot of soju.

"Yeah, something's off", TOP said out of nowhere as if reading his mind.

"You should really stop reading people's mind. It's freaky", Youngbae interjected. GD let out a soft laugh when TOP snarled at Youngbae.

"What's really freaky is when Boss was about to blast the skull of that...", TOP was cut off by GD's death glare. He immediately clamped his mouth shut. GD then instructed his men and the girls to leave the three of them alone.

"Sorry Jiyong. I just got carried away. But it really freaked me out when you were about to blast Kim Sung Su's skull. I mean, you told me not to kill him unless necessary. And he said he's being threatened that's why he did that. I'm kind of relieved when the sniper got him first.", TOP reasoned out.

"You should be used to seeing dead bodies by now, hyung", GD said calmly sending shivers to TOP's spine.

"You're really creepy when you talk that way.", TOP shook his head as he turned to Youngbae.

"Care to help me out here?", TOP lightly kicked Youngbae's shoes.

"Jiyong, you should've assessed the situation first before trying to kill him", Youngbae said while TOP nodded enthusiastically.

"He was lying", GD declared. Confusion crossed TOP and Youngbae's face. A long silence followed after that.


<*crickets crickets>

"Uhmm. Boss, I hate to state the obvious but..we're kind of waiting for you to explain", TOP said.

"I don't know how to explain it myself. But when he saw us, he just feigned to be shocked. I can tell he's expecting us. As you said, something's really off"

They decided to change the depressing topic and the guys started to bug GD again about his date with Dara two days ago. Sandara Park is increasingly becoming the favorite topic of discussion of the three of them. Good thing Seungri and Daesung is still overseas for some tasks or else, it will be rowdier.

"It's already Monday, she hasn't texted you. You must've been really sloppy", Youngbae inched closer at GD and nudged him.

"Did you try to get under her skirt, huh? Huh?", TOP wiggled his eyebrows while smiling naughtily.

"I can't believe I'm hearing this from you. You're behaving like girls", GD chuckled as he looked at both of them.

"Well, we don't really have much to talk about that doesn't involve guns and all those crap. Might as well talk about Sandara Park. She's a breath of fresh air", Youngbae said.

"Yeah, she is. She's funny", GD smiled as he remembered their date.

"Twenty million won! I can already smell the money coming my way!", TOP stretched his arms and dramatically closed his eyes.

"That will never happen, hyung. Stop watching Disney movies."

"But you enjoyed her company, yes?", Youngbae countered.

"That's an entirely different case", GD gulped another shot of soju.

"But that's a good start", Youngbae smiled and winked at TOP. TOP gave him a thumbs up sign.

"What kind of person is she?", it was TOP's turn to shove Dara down GD's throat, to ensure his victory from the bet.

"Hmmmmm...she's someone who'll go through an unromantic date because she's grateful.", GD laughed out loud as he remembered her line.

"Errrr", TOP shifted his attention to Youngbae.

"Don't look at me, I don't understand it either. It's between Jiyong and Dara", Youngbae made a salute using his bottle.

"What do you really plan to do with her Jiyong? Do you plan to make her fall in love with you?", TOP asked curiously since their boss' plan is still vague.

"As I've said, I'll just play along with her 'Rent-a-Boyfriend' thing until the contract period lapses. If she falls in love with me, I don't care.", GD shrugged.

"But why go through all the trouble of being her 'rented boyfriend'? ", Youngbae asked

"This whole setup with Sandara Park is really interesting.", GD answered.

"That and because you're just bored", TOP added.


"She's innocent Jiyong.", Youngbae sighed as he eyed GD wearily.

"I'm not doing anything that will harm her. I'm merely playing along."

GD's phone beeped. His smile grew wider as he read the message.

"I've just been rented"




I screamed like no other as my bestfriend triumphantly sent the text message. She placed her hands on her waist and let out an evil laugh. I knew it, she's a member of the dark force! How can she do this to me?!

I snatched my phone back and looked at the messages in the Sent Folder with trembling hands. Oh God, please NOOO!!! My world crumbled down as I saw Kwon Jiyong's name on the sent messages.

I looked at Bom like I want to butcher her (because I really want to butcher her!). She just smiled innocently at me.

"I trusted you!", I yelled at her accusingly.

"You obviously want to rent him", she shot back. Aigoooo!! I should have known better than to tell her that I pushed through with the 'Rent A Boyfriend' thing. I forgot she's one of the front-liners when it comes to the Get-Dara-a-Boyfriend Movement.

"But it's pathetic!", I whined and stomped my feet on the floor. I then threw my body on her bed and began kicking frantically like a kid. We were at her apartment, hanging out until I made the mistake of opening up the topic about Jiyong.

"At least you'll be able to experience how to be in a relationship."

"I want to be in a REAL relationship, not a make-believe setup like this with a guy I paid to act!", strangling Bom is becoming a very tempting idea right now.

"It was your idea in the first place. And a good one, if I may add", my bestfriend, who is about to die from my own hands, said. She lied beside me on the bed while I was lying facedown to muffle my anguished screams.

"Tell me honestly, would you really not rent that Kwon Jiyong? From your story, especially your Trial Date, it seems like he already caught your interest", she said knowingly. Damn, I hate it when she's right!

"Well...", I sighed heavily as I thought about it. Would I really push through with renting a boyfriend if Bommie did not intervene? Then I thought about Kwon Jiyong. That jerk! It's been two days and he did not even bother to text me!

"I don't know. I'm still thinking about it...until you intervened, you bad woman!", I slapped her arms and pouted at her.

"The fact that you're thinking about it means you're interested!", she gave me her signature Bominator deathblow and slapped my back with her open palms.

"OUUCCHHH!!!", I quickly grabbed her wrist, pulled her arm up and tickled her armpit. She was laughing hysterically while begging me to stop. We were still on a riot when suddenly...


Bom and I froze. When we snapped back, I rapidly grabbed my phone and opened the inbox. Bom's cheek was pressing on mine as we both read the text message.

Alright. Just inform me when to start the boyfriend services.

"KYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", we were both jumping and squealing like teenagers as we bounce up and down on top of the bed.

"See! You're excited too!", Bom pointed at me while laughing. I danced crazily again until Bom pulled me to sit.

We were now leaning our back on the bed's headrest while wiggling our legs.

"Well, it is exciting. Bommie, I have a rented BOYFRIEND!", I exclaimed giddily and pushed her.

"Aigooo, look at you. A while ago you wanted to torture me for sending that text", she pushed me back. I just stuck my tongue out and continued smiling widely.

"The Annual Company Acquaintance Party will be held at a hotel events hall. You should invite him out again and train him how he should act in front of our officemates before you attend the party with him.", Bom said. Since she's working at the Marketing Department in our office, she's more up to date with the venues and such.

I paused momentarily. Should I? Hmmmmmm...Why not?

Boyfriend Training, eh? This is getting interesting kekekekkee. That would mark the official start of the Boyfriend services.

I immediately sent a text message asking him to meet me on Friday and gave him the time and place. I also informed him that I will train him on how he should act as my boyfriend and that will be the official start of the 'rent period'. After a few minutes....


Okay, see you then.

"KYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", Bom and I were spazzing again. I'm not sure why, hahahahaha! It's just that, this new experience is really exciting and interesting.

Both of us started laughing hysterically at each other's reaction.

"You two should have a term of endearment, watchathink?", Bom wiggled her eyebrows and poked my waist.

"Yah! That's too cheesy. And I'm sure Jiyong wouldn't like it either. I told you he didn't even want to write a message on the padlock in the Locks of Love. I ended up doing it alone", I groaned.

"Just try it!"

Bom was already enumerating all the insufferably sweet terms that she could think of.

"How about Dried Mango?", she beamed at me.

"OMG, Bom. Even I wouldn't be able to endure being called Dried Mango"

"Honey Pie!"

I gave her a warning look.


"All you can think about are food"

"Beloved?", Bom crinkled her nose.

"Eeewww, that's too mushy! You're already suffering from second hand embarrassment just by thinking about it!"

"I give up. Just text him whatever comes to your mind", she said as she lazily slides down the bed.

I hugged my knees and thought about it for a while and came up with nothing.

"Sandara Park you better decide or I'll snatch your phone again and tell him to call you his 'Beloved'", she smiled evilly, and I knew she wasn't joking. I cringed as I imagined Jiyong calling me 'Beloved' in front of my officemates. That will surely elicit nonstop puking, even from me.

I just texted him the first thing that came to my mind.

Hey Jerk! You should call me 'Babe', arasso?

"Babe? That's the best you got?", Bom said.

"I don't even want any terms of endearment! You just threatened me that's why I complied!", I reasoned out.


Too cheesy.

Bom looked at me, a smirk forming on her lips.

"He isn't the submissive type, is he? He got some balls", Bom said.

"Yeah, big balls", I playfully answered.

Bom's eyes widened and gaped open.

"YAH! You !", she tickled my waist as I tried to do the same with her armpit. We were again a messy tangle of limbs when a text came.


Goodnight Babe.



I've read all the comments. I really appreciate your lovely words! They're very inspiring and touching =) Thank you yeorobun for appreciating my story eventhough I just wrote whatever =)

I've already memorized the usernames of my avid readers and commenters. THANK YOU so much dongsaengs!

I hope I can reply to each one of you! I will once I find the time.

Thanks again! *bows


Lotsa Love
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