MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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That jerkkk!!!

I sighed deeply and crossed my arms over my chest while frowning. He really didn't show up!

"Dude, you okay?", Donghae nudged me lightly and gave me a glass of champagne, which Bom snatched away.

"No, she's not. She forbid Jiyong from attending the party because of her magnificent pride", she said while maintaining a safe distance away from me. Despite our years of friendship, I still cannot fathom the quantum physics going on inside Bom's peculiar brain.

"Don't worry Dara, I'm sure he'll show up", Donghae smiled reassuringly at me, just like the sweet guy that he is. He's the only man I know who is probably made of cotton candies.

"You two fought? Again?", I heard Krystal's voice behind me. I need not glance back to confirm because there's only one voice of evil in the office, and it belongs to her.

"Why hello there, Krystal. Can't find any interesting to do again?", Bom raised her eyebrows at her and Krystal immediately scampered away, probably in fear of having her hair pulled in a million directions by a tipsy Bom if she chose to retaliate.

"Let's go have some fun!", my bestfriend raised her arms in the air and sashayed towards the dance floor.

"Come on, Dara", Donghae beckoned me and I nodded my head.

I adjusted my mask and followed them. It was the Annual Company Acquaintance Party once again and tonight's concept is a masquerade party. Time sure flies by so fast. So many things have happened. I've attended a lot of mobster events and have been introduced to the different officials of the underground organizations. Nana, the Yakuza princess and Kahi, the Mafia heiress were constantly contacting me to convince me to 'claim' the descendant position of the Triads so that the three of us can be the Black Flowers Triumvirate - the princesses of the black society. WTF, right? Jiyong will surely flip if he finds out about what those two were suggesting.

Speaking of that jerk...I had a fight with Jiyong this morning. You see, he's still so fond of his old hobby, which is annoying the freaking hell out of me. He always thinks of new ways to torment me. This morning, I asked him to go with me to a pastry shop near the city plaza and he insisted that we should drive there even though it's near. His mischievous smile should've been my first clue that he's up to something but being the trustworthy, not to mention stupid, person that I am, I got inside the passenger seat of his car parked in a curb.

Suddenly, the doors were locked and I saw him backing away, acting like one of the bystanders. A code red alarm was blasting through my head as I saw him push another button on his car keys.

And then...AND THEN...the fcking horns started blaring incessantly in full force! Yes, I got the attention of everyone in the vicinity, thank you very much. GAHD! How humiliating! I tried to get out of the car but of course, I can't. I'm locked up inside and the door won't open. The only possible way of opening that damn door is to explode it with a bomb.

For three solid minutes, I was sitting inside the car like a complete idiot trying every possible button to stop the horns from blaring! I banged on the window and called him with all kinds of curses invented by mankind but he just looked at me like he doesn't know me.

Love? What love? I hate that evil ba$tard!

There's only a few set of people that pisses me off and Jiyong have surpassed their ranks. I was fuming mad that I told him not to attend our Annual Company Acquaintance Party with me.

So...he's not here.


I swear, he's the most annoying person in the whole world. If anyone can beat him, I'll offer a calf in his honor.

I was at the top of the spiral staircase while looking downstairs, silently sipping my drink, when I noticed most of my officemates were giggling while looking in my direction. I have a very bad feeling about this. And I think I'll find out the reason very very soon.

I recognized Minji behind her mask and immediately cornered her, "Is there something going on? Why are our officemates staring at me?"

"Uhm...Unni, haven't you seen the wall just beneath this spiral staircase?", Minji said and chuckled. I immediately ran to see what she was referring to and upon reaching the middle of the staircase, a great shriek of terror escaped my lips.


My eyes are probably as round as saucers as I gawked at the gigantic banner hanging on the wall of our party venue with MY PICTURE printed on it and with the words: Are you still mad, Sandara Park?

I was floored. Only one person can do this kind of absurdity.

I swallowed hard and clenched my fists in tight balls. I was breathing heavily as I marched away while hiding my face with my hands even though I'm already wearing a mask.

ARGH! I am going to fry your Kwon Jiyong!! He even chose the most unflattering picture in my facebook account!

I stormed towards the door while praying that hopefully, no more surprises from that jerk awaits me because I swear, I would fcking burst into a million particles.

As I pushed the venue door open, I almost fainted at the sight of two jurassic teddy bears the size of dinosaurs with MY PICTURE printed on their tummy and with a caption saying Teddy Bears to guard you, Sandara Park.

OH MY GOD, I'm going to kill him!

What's with the picture and the Sandara Park caption?!! GaHH!! The weather and this day and my boyfriend SSS!!!!

Stupid boyfriend is STUPID!

Every guest entering the hotel where our Annual Company Acquaintance Party is being held is curiously looking in my direction after seeing the two monstrous teddy bears bigger and taller than me, situated at both sides of the function hall door.

I knew the jerk is here somewhere! I was about to march off to search for him when I bumped into someone, causing my mask to fall down on the floor.

"Sorry", I mumbled as the guy picked my mask. I extended my hand to get it from him but surprisingly, he held it out of my reach and playfully smirked at me.


"Nice to finally meet you, Miss Sandara Park", he said.


Who the hell is this guy? I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to recall who he is when a realization suddenly dawned on me. He's the guy I was supposed to rent from Rent-A-Boyfriend Company! The guy whom I was supposed to meet at the restaurant last year!

"I'm now the owner of RAB Company and I searched for your record. I'm really curious why you stood me up and was about to get in touch with you to offer our services again but I guess fate is on our side. I didn't expect to see you here", he explained.

Okay, this is freaky. Some terrible scenario has been on loop in my head from the moment he opened his mouth until now that he's staring at me like he's about to devour me.

"Uh..I don't need RAB's services anymore. But thanks", I hastily said and snatched my mask from his grasp. I was about to walk away but he blocked my path.

"Oh? That's too bad. Our company is offering more services now, Miss Park. And for you, I'll be happy to give it for free", he said in a husky voice. My internal organs are all flipping in disgust as I stared at him in shock. I took a step backwards when he lifted his hand and hovered it near my face.

"You touch my girl, I'll end you", Jiyong's furious voice startled both of us.

Jiyong, together with his unit, stood by the hotel entrance looking highly imposing and dangerous. One glance and you'll know that they're not ones to be messed with. Dressed in black suits with small red dragon embroidered in their left sleeves, they look like they're capable of wrecking havoc to the entire neighborhood.

"Who are you? I can have all of you thrown out of here if you cause a commotion", the repulsive guy proudly declared.


Jiyong cocked his eyebrows, "I'd like to see you try". He calmly strode towards us and stood in front of him, shoving his hands inside his pockets while glaring at the cowering man. UH-OH. If Jiyong goes nuclear, this creep's dental records won't be enough to identify his remains.

"You better get out of my sight before I change my mind. I'm not very forgiving when it concerns my girlfriend", his threatening tone obviously unnerved the guy. The creep swallowed hard and eyed him cautiously, like Jiyong is some deranged beast who is about to swallow him whole.

Anyone will have the same reaction as him when facing a furious Jiyong. After all, my boyfriend is not just some local gangster. He is THE mobster. The Dragon Head, leader of the Triads.

In a blink of an eye, the disgusting guy from RAB Company hurriedly left. Jiyong glanced back at his men and nodded. His unit immediately dispersed while TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri lurked nearby.

As soon as it was only the two of us, I glared at Jiyong and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Looking for me?", he said while trying to suppress his smile.

"Jerk", I mumbled under my breath, pouted and looked away. I glanced at him at the corner of my eyes and hastily turned my back at him. OMG! Has it been established that he looks so darn good especially when he's wearing a suit?!

I heard him chuckle as he hugged me from behind and rested his chin on my shoulders.

"Do I have to dance again so you can forgive me?", he asked before giving me a quick peck on the cheeks. I wasn't able to hide my grin as I remembered what he did before with an upside down brown bag on his head. Yes, he is still the most annoying ba$tard I know. But my defenses always crumble into dust with just a simple sweet gesture from him. I mean, come on! Any mere mortal cannot resist him!

I turned around to face him and lightly hit his arm. "Take down the banner. And get those monstrosities out of here", I said and pointed at the teddy bears.

"Arasso", he said as he took the mask from my hand and carefully placed it on my face. He then reached inside his suit pocket, pulled out his mask and wore it.

"Ready geek?", he gave me a boyish grin, his eyes squinting in slits as he smiled while entwining his hand with mine.

I fixed my gaze on Jiyong as I remained rooted on my spot.

"What?", he asked.

"I love you", I teasingly said.

"I know"

"Conceited jerk"

"ed geek"

"Arrogant ba$tard"

"Miraculous non-"

We both chuckled with our childish banterings. When our laughter died down, silence enveloped both of us as we stared at each other.

"Hey Ji"


"What is it that you really expect from me? As your girlfriend...as the woman of a Triad leader", I asked.

"I have a couple of selfish requests", he began.

There was a brief pause before he continued speaking...his voice barely above a whisper as he started enumerating the petty things that he wants from me with a mischievous grin on his lips.

"I want you to always wear our couple ring", he squeezed my hand and gently caressed it with his thumb.

"I want those cute text messages with weird emoticons"

"I want you to kiss my shoulder when I'm tired"

"I want to always hear the three stupid words"

"I want you to stay safe and happy"

His expression softened as he looked deep into my eyes. "If things gets really bad, I want you to remember the times when we were both smiling...and I want you to stay with me"

I linked my arms with him and smiled back. When two of his men opened the door for us, my mind suddenly wandered to the insane moments I shared with the jerk - the Trial Date, the boyfriend and girlfriend training, Kung Pao the chicken pet, our trip to China, Triad dinners and events, my near-death experiences... So much has happened, and yet we're still together. I glanced at my left side and saw Daesung and Seungri bickering over something. At my right, I saw TOP and Youngbae nodding approvingly at us.

"Funny, isn't it? It seems we went in full circle and came back to where we started", I said as we both stared at the entrance of the party venue.

"Yeah. But the journey was all worth it", he replied.

The sweet music surrounded us as we slowly walked inside...our eyes twinkling with a warm glow, our lips curved in a smile.

"Is Tiffany invited?", he suddenly asked.

"YAH!", I slapped his arm and glared at him.

"Jealous geek"

"That you love!", I boastfully declared.

He fell silent as we continued walking towards the crowd, his eyes fixed forward, not even throwing a glance at me.

"...that I love", he softly said.

I bit my lips to stop the huge smile that is threatening to rip my face in half. This jerk can be insanely sweet sometimes...

I wanted to say the two of us completed the fairy tale...but I've long accepted that fairy tales don't exist. Jiyong is not exactly a prince charming and I'm not a damsel in distress nor am I a princess.

He is both my pain and happiness. I wanted to say as long as we're both in love, then we'll live happily ever after...but that is something only a child will believe. Being with him is coupled with a great deal of sufferings. We won't be always happy, but we will endure.

People might laugh at me...or ridicule me for making this choice. I could've reached for the stars, but I purposely didn't look up at the night sky and kept my eyes where I can see him. For some, this is insanity. And I agree. I might've probably made a mistake for being with him. But...loving him is my most favorite mistake.

He is a mobster...but I chose to stay.

== THE END ==


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To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down. - Woody Allen

Loving you was my favorite mistake - Unknown







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Sooooo...this is it guys. Mobster for Rent is now officially closed. *sniff sniff

I decided to post an epilogue to bring back the story to the start. A bit ironic, isn't it? Actually, when I started writing this story, I already have this kind of ending in mind. Even though this is a romantic comedy, this fic is still about a mobster so I wanted the end to be blurry and let the readers imagine the kind of future this couple will have.

Every choice has consequences. The repercussions of decisions or actions made by us cannot be measured nor foreseen.

I'm not sure if anyone have noticed that in this story, the earlier chapters played a significant role on the latter chapters. Also, I purposely drew some characters in a way that readers won't know whether to love or hate them. Even for Dara and Jiyong, they have their up and down moments as well.

I know I have so much to say but nothing comes to mind at this point. I just wanted to thank all the readers for appreciating this fic! Memories of your messages, tweets, comments, video messages, blog posts, fic trailers, chap banners, etc. are now coming back to me T_T I'm very blessed with fun-loving readers and I hope that somehow, this story placed a smile on your faces.

Thank you guys for everything! I hope you enjoyed the Mobster for Rent journey as much as I did. I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.*90 degree bow




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